Aquarius New Moon at 1°33’—January 21

First of all—tomorrow morning, mid-morning, or early afternoon, depending upon where in the world you are, quite intensely opens our eyes as the moon connects to Pluto through those final degrees of Capricorn, before moving on into Aquarius…


The moon moves into Aquarius. And of course, with that, comes its surprises, too, yes!?

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon that “the Aquarius new moon looks on the world with eyes that are fresh, enthusiastic, lively… and, since this is an air sign moon, it is very much out of touch with its own feelings—the lunar energies have a hard time manifesting through Aquarius.”

Further, “while most astrological discussion about Aquarius stresses the signs nonconformity, that’s only half the story… Aquarius doesn’t just rebel, it goes through cycles of belonging and rebellion…”

Ultimately, this new moon’s energies point to the extremities—that “sooner or later the hard choice will have to be made: to follow one’s own inspiration and lose everything or to stay and be ruled by [one’s] ghost…”

What values are you trying to keep?—which are you trying to discard?

Kaldera continues, how “many of those values we’ve chosen to keep, or on the other hand have not yet rooted out even though we are discontented with them… we evaluate what we get for obeying social mores, and what we think is worth it.”

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs forewarns ‘surprises and unexpected events… things may not turn out the way you planned today—situations could reach a boiling point with emotions running high.’

Recommendations?—make the best of it.

Don’t get carried away with it, and don’t allow anything—or anyone—to pull your strings.

Further, for some of you “a buildup of tension that results in an unexpected drama or plans washing out… or a crisis in some situation or relationship that results in a catharsis or cleansing” is emerging and playing itself out.

Furthermore, ‘you may find that you are suddenly tested… or that something shattering arises—[which] can overtake and overawe your sense of stability, and can happen when you least expect it…’

Maybe you saw something coming—saw the potential of an inevitability or eventuality… but maybe try to think about the liberation on offer through whatever this might become.

Aquarian energies are liberating, when followed.

But it’s always a risk.

It’s always something of a dare.

And it’s always something of a break from ‘the norm’…

Today’s new moon occurs within the first decan of Aquarius, which is associated with the 5 of swords in the tarot—a card with something of a convoluted historical origin. Words such as ‘deception, conquest, trouble, exile, eccentric, rebel, pioneer, poverty…’ are warned, as well as ‘an imbalance of conflicts and thoughts’, and’ impossible expectations…’

Because societal norms and conditioning don’t typically encourage or celebrate those who venture beyond… because the beyond is unknown territory—offering rewards—one must forsake all which is familiar to reap or receive any of it.

Truly, because the moon connected to Pluto mere hours before this new moon, changes and potential for transformation are likely guaranteed, however subtle… though, when both Uranus and Pluto are involved—life-changing potentials are involved.

Today is definitely ‘an opportunity’ to seek balance wherever you feel the imbalance, and to be true to who you are—to be true to the inner calling of your authentic self… and sometimes we need to learn a little further who we really are—which is typically why the universe throws us off balance from time to time.

You can read more about the first decan of Aquarius here.

It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.


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