Aquarius Crescent Moon—January 22

Today is the ideal day to look ahead…

To look so far ahead into the horizon that your ideals, hopes and dreams curve in alignment with the curvature of the sphere that we call home—so far into the future that you begin to prepare more appropriately for what’s necessary… and astrologers are sort of priceless in this regard, by the way—let me save you time and money *winkwink*

Also, for my subscribers, look for an email that I’m currently writing—a post about today’s Venus/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, and what that means—today is a real eye-opener, for sure…

Specifically toward relationships.

Today is definitely a day to focus—or dwell—on relationships.

For some of you, today may surprise you with a proposal!—and for others, a struggled dynamic growing or becoming overly possessive… or losing momentum altogether.

Either way—visions are sharpened, for better or worse: in regard to what you do want, forever and ever and ever… and precisely—and nearly specifically—what you don’t.

Today’s symbology by degree is the fence, in reference to divisions, and dividing spaces between… ‘although there may be superficial feelings of contentment and pleasure, this can be based on someone having a noncommitted, tenuous or shaky position… to go one way or another with conviction in a relationship can invite the risk of separation, but commitment eventually needs to be chosen or rejected.’

This degree describes sitting on the fence…

And, of course, within your chart, this pinpoints exactly where/why you may be sitting on a fence.

Furthermore, it’s a really terrible day to try to conceive.

Eventually the moon will connect to Saturn and illuminate the Venus/Saturn conjunction… and you can read about that in my additional post via substack mentioned above.

Is your fence serving you?—or are you willing to face whatever it is honestly and directly, despite whether or not it’s working for you or not?

What is your fence guarding exactly?—other than time itself…

The same fence that shuts others out shuts you in.

—William Taylor Copeland

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