Do you really want to spend another year just wingin it!?—wasting your time and energies and risking disappointment?

Really? >scrunching up my nose at the thought<

Isn’t that getting old?

And senseless?

Especially if you feel like you’re just going through the motions, treading in sandbox sand…

Especially so when you have a birth chart—literally a map, a personally prompted red carpet—guiding you every step of the way, should you choose to follow it…

When I started living my chart—my entire reality changed. Everything became… easier.

From now through the end of January—if you book a reading between now and January 31st—I’m offering my readings for a special go-get’um price of $160 (regular price $185)… with couples readings at $325 (regular price $350)—book NOW

And, allow me to prepare you, for those of you planning weddings this year—or proposals—Venus retrogrades this year, in Leo… so maybe work these plans in around those forty days and forty nights wink just a friendly suggestion.

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• Decan Delineations—is written 3 times a month, as there are three decans of individuated energy within each zodiacal sign, to segment the solar month symbolisms into their traditional energies by decan, to open to you the inner flow of each month… very useful

• Solar Spotlights—shines much more light upon the inner flow specifics, more specifically *wink*

• Mercurial Machinations—describes where your thoughts and inspirations are as well as what your overall energetic busyness is based on

• Venusian Ventures—feels out where your emotions are, as well as your desires, and how your relational exchanges will be effected… who wouldn’t want to know what Venus is up to!?—wherever Venus goes, ease and comfort follow…

• Mars Movements—monitors your motivations and where to make movements forward, and when to take a pause—and, perhaps most usefully, helps check your ego

• Junctures of Jupiter—envisions where your ambitions are being drawn, and what is realistic to manifest of these…

• Structures of Saturn—shares how your strategies should be streamlined and your preoccupations prepared

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