Pisces Crescent Moon—January 24

Today could be a slippery slope…

It’s important to keep in mind—particularly if you’ve been experiencing heavier doses in distraction or more amplified dosages of avoidance or denial—that the ‘aim’ of this week is growing toward the upcoming first quarter moon on Saturday, in Taurus, and so a psychical/physical sensation of grounded-ness is essential, as well as the consideration of spiritually conscious potentials for self-renewal and revitalization…

And reverie.

Which is ideal for today.

Today the moon illuminates the asteroid Vesta connecting to Neptune in conjunction through a degree in Pisces that speaks to self-containment…

Self-containment, weirdly—and ever so celestially conveniently—is quite Taurean (I’m referencing here the upcoming first quarter moon), and not so much Piscean in any way… all I can imagine is that the ever-flickering sacred place within you is being allowed such limitlessness—it must ‘keep a lid on it’, as they say (if they still even say that anymore?) so as to keep its focus, rather than wasting so much time and energy for it to go in all directions for naught.

Taurean energies are resourceful—and the moon still needs to move through impulsively irresponsible Aries before coming to its first quarter lesson in Taurus—and chances are that today will inspire deeply within something magical…

Today might be a DIY day. Or a ‘go it alone’ day.

Today you may have stretch your imagination in regard to efforts in resourcefulness—most specifically in opening your eyes to learn to utilize something you’ve already learned, or are learning, or make more appropriate use of something you already possess, etc… despite all the romantic notions of daydreamy reverie—which is absolutely Piscean—today’s energies are more conducive to reverie over daydreaming.

What’s the difference?

Well, by definition, to daydream is ‘a pleasant scheme or wish that is unlikely to be fulfilled; a pipe dream…’ while a reverie is ‘a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing; an impractical idea; visionary…’

In fact, the etymology of the word reverie is a ‘vain fancy’.

John Locke wrote that “Reverie is when ideas float in our mind without reflection or regard of the understanding…” but this isn’t reverie—Locke was mistaken—Locke was thinking of the natural ebb and flow of the brain processing nearly everything at all times… particularly without any effort of containment toward that which is useful over nearly every other thing. The mind—when unfiltered and without effective bounds—takes over; it’s exhausting and depleting. I think Locke was mistaking reverie from distraction.

A reverie is more like mindful, intentional envisioning—willful envisioning—upon something you’re already in the midst of working on, your energies are already entwined and invested in the energies of that which you are willing… while daydreaming is empty and emptying, and somewhat wasteful as you are not actually invested in any way, and this is totally only utilized even hope is small or lost entirely.

So, to conclude—in a most containably containing manner—to begin preparing for what’s actually around the corner for you, preparing yourself further toward what you’ve already invested yourself with, while also honoring your physical presence within the Now, utilizing reverie while mindfully intending your envisions… and try to resist the lazier temptations to distract yourself with empty daydreams.

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Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.

—Gaston Bachelard

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