Pisces/Aries Crescent Moon—January 25

Today’s moon moves into Aries either late morning, midday, or later in the afternoon—depending upon where in the world you live—and if you didn’t get the Monday-GreenLight memo, by the end of the day, today won’t go anywhere but forward on you, with or without your cooperation.

Fueled by Mars, today’s moon—in its crescent phase—is amplified, and with this accelerated energy, illuminating recent Aquarian-influenced celestial undertakings…

Especially so if you’re in a place of starting over, beginning again—if you’re finding yourself, in whatever way, heading back to Go! with or without collecting the $300—today is a good day to reassess your options, and the action plan, more specifically, toward exactly what actions you need to be taking toward your own advantage.

Further, you need not embrace any feelings of stuck-ness.

Particularly within any momentary Now.

Today’s moon connects to Jupiter in conjunction—the moon illuminated a recently ingressed Jupiter in Aries upon the zero point degree back on December 29th, 2022—and now illuminates a degree that invigorates the essence of energy: in other words—invigorating a reminder that you, and only you, are the movement of your own life.

Energy meets you in kind, always. Nature always responds.

If you’ve been wishing or hoping or banking or holding out faith on a star, hoping your life will just change overnight, abracadabra… and unsurprisingly, nothing is happening—please, oh please, don’t be thinking astrology doesn’t work, simply because you read your horoscope, or know when Mercury is retrograde, or whatever—and allow me to gently inform you that it’ll take a bit more than that.

My point—each and every Now is an opportunity.

For every moment within your Now that you choose to worry, let fear or ego take over, or dwell within a depression that is allowed to linger or become personally perpetuated—and let’s be honest, these moments feel like lifetimes, yes?—could be better utilized to actually change and/or improve your life, to navigate your life in the direction you’d rather experience or embellish.

Today’s lunarly illuminations inspire self-capable, self-inspired, and self-navigated transformations, and personal enlightenments… and what’s possibly most fantastic about this degree—is that, despite how you feel about anything… whether you’re feeling capable or not toward anything; capable, motivated, prepared, or emotionally available for such an endeavor—you’ve got this.

You’ve got this—should you choose to move yourself forward, as opposed to circling in place or reflecting backward.

Should you need some encouragement—remember the Rule of Thirds, as single symbolisms tend to be more meaningful… not symbolic, much less directive—true magic is empowering oneself with authorship, every step of the way.

You are the life you accept for yourself.

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❝I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.❞

—Henry David Thoreau

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