Aries Crescent Moon—January 26

I am.

This is the zodiacal ‘keyword’ for Aries, the first sign of the zodiacal belt—which just so happens to represent the two most powerful words a human can utter within this galaxy…

I am…

The word(s) you choose to fill in the blank is powerful—

I am _______________________________…

How do you choose to extend this claim?—this truth…

Do you extend this claim with stating the obvious, or the reality of who/what you are, or do you proclaim that which you are becoming, or who/what you are working toward?

This, too, is quite significant.

Further, today’s energies also extend into the realms of ‘accomplishing objectives’, and thereby pre-planning the You you envision yourself being or becoming—where are you downplaying these envisions?—how are you downplaying your own becoming, your own growth, your own personal evolution, your own momentary Now?

Particularly if you’ve been feeling the pangs and tugs of your inner guidance—to do something, to change something, to take action!—yet, you struggle—you ignore, deny, repress, or avoid these inner guidances… why?

Today is a day to proclaim your own personal ‘I am…’ and to then follow through in action, because proclaiming today may become somehow stammered or stuttered in some way, and could even become somewhat constrained or complicated—and it could very well be you creating the constraints and complications—though, either way, this energy relationship is specifically regarding the connection between mind and mouth, but perhaps more tenderly: between mind and gut.

Take some time to tune into this connection within yourself today…

Only you possess the power generated within yourself—the power which both propels you forward, while simultaneously communicating directly with All That Is.

Direct, honest, straightforward communication is kind.
Sidestepping the truth doesn’t serve anyone involved.❞

—Gina Senarighi

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