Aries/Taurus Crescent Moon—January 27

Still very much an Aries atmosphere—at least until later in the day.

Today’s moon moves into Taurus from Aries, but before this ingress occurs—the Aries moon squares Pluto through that last degree…

This square suggests several things:

Firstly, knowing that Pluto will eventually be moving into Aquarius in late March, then, thereafter, the moon will be connecting to Pluto quite differently throughout the months by square, trine, opposition, and conjunction… no longer will the moon connect to these Plutonian energies through cardinal energies—by square through Aries and Libra; in opposition through Cancer; in conjunction within Capricorn—but through fixed energies—by square through Taurus and Scorpio, and in opposition through Leo.

This is going to be so much more than just settling into knowing of Pluto moving into Aquarius… and for all of you Aquarians/Aquarian moons/Aquarian risings out there—you’re in for some enduringly transformational changes, the kind you need to experience through rather than so simply get through. And this won’t be any quick change—Pluto will be moving through Aquarius until 2044.

But Pluto in Aquarius will come for us all…

Secondly, through this awareness of calenderical pre-planning—we know that the moon has only two more cycles with Pluto through cardinality between now and late March, meeting Pluto in conjunction in Capricorn on February 17th and again on March 17th… and in conjunction in Aquarius on April 13th.

So, lunarly cardinal energies through late March, and then in April, these energies turn fixed.

Fixed energies tend to not want to budge—but with Pluto, something will need to change… guess which wins.

Perspective. Isn’t it something when you can prepare yourself for what’s up ahead!? It’s invaluable. I’m not sure why it’s not more routine—I use astrological perspective several times on the daily!

So, bringing me to my final point, it is obvious, then, that through the moon/Pluto aspects between now and late March, regardless of which aspect it is—it will be occurring, and thereby illuminating, through the last degree of Capricorn.

The twenty-ninth degree is significant, and when in Capricorn—the potentials for advancement, or downfall, just to rattle off a few, target family businesses, especially the establishing/initiating/creating of businesses and enterprises.

Money is absolutely a focus through this degree, as is the making of it, specifically how you earn it—more pertinently toward the actual skills possessed—and perhaps most importantly, how you save it or invest it, learn to work with it and entrance it to work for you… work smarter, not harder.

Further, status is particularly considered now—especially if you have little.

Systems are illuminated through this degree—the inner and outer workings, or failings, of all systems, structures, orders, or laws, through which personal authority and accountability are highlighted. Further still, whether you’re grown or not is beside the matter—our fathers, for better or worse, are featured here.

I cannot stress to you enough how powerful it becomes through this degree—negative thinking, negative energy, and negativity overall… allowing fear to dominate you and depress you is particularly toxic through these aspect points—especially when you’ve been making life choices through fear. Ugh.

Also—and this is a big one—taking responsibility for that which is not yours. Stop.

So. Just a few very tiny really heavy things to be aware of as you navigate yourself from now into late March.

As for today—as I mentioned above, the moon squares Pluto today—today could feel a bit volatile…

Any still-unresolved anger issues—which, ideally, should be personally motivated to become resolved by April—will likely pinpoint at least one of the very tiny really heavy things listed above… particularly because tomorrow’s first quarter moon will illuminate matters of money, and the compromises we make through a somewhat reality-checking kind of way.

It’s important, today, to transmute any negativity or abrasively expressive aggressiveness into constructively higher minded actions. Instead of harboring anger until it bursts—go to the gym or run, walk, do jumping jacks, lift weights, have consensually heated sex… in other words: do something that will make you sweat.

Especially as the energies swell for tomorrow’s reality check.

Constructive outlets are essential. Take assertive action toward that which will propel you forward—not sideways or backward.

Despite your mood or how you’re choosing to project yourself, or if you’re feeling the need to project your baggage onto others for whatever reason you might think it’s necessary, do try to remember to check your personal accountability for your own feelings and reactions, and be mindful of your momentary Now.

Consider the best option in each of your moments. You are the life you choose to lead.

And then, once the moon moves into Taurus, preparing for tomorrow’s reality check—your reality could become a bit more vividly real.

❝Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.❞

—Edwin Hubbel Chapin

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