Gemini Gibbous Moon—January 30

The continuity of lunarly energies these days is building—its roots guided by the Taurean first quarter moon, sure, but also through these recent Aquarian shifts—particularly that new moon, and possibly through Uranus stationing in Taurus… but also through all of the planets currently moving directly—until April.

There are so many celestial ‘green lights’ blinking now—both exhilarating and… alarming.

I’m sure, especially so, for those who do not wish to change.

Part of what I was trying to convey, within my yammering on over Pluto in Aquarius, was the shift from cardinal focus to fixed focus… energies inherently cardinal allow change, and typically need to move, to act, to initiate. Fixed energies, however, are not too keen on revising or renovating anything that isn’t exactly broken. And with Pluto, it’s not simply always change for the sake of change—it’s inner revisions and renovations necessary in the effort for a fuller, more authentic version of your You-ness.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: explore thyself—herein are demanded the eye and the nerve… meaning: to possess an honest and realistic personal awareness of self—in addition to possessing the nerve to work with/through all the weaknesses of one’s self, as eagerly as the strengths.

And so, perhaps, I am once again yammering on in review—I cannot help but feel particularly stoked and amped toward all the potential just waiting to be accounted for these days…

Today’s energies have shifted from Taurus into Gemini some time around midnight here on the west coast, though yesterday’s energies have not faded—nor have those remaining from the Taurean first quarter moon. In fact, today they may continue to allude reality-check status. Careful here: allude, not elude—a Gemini moon will need to know the defining difference here, and it’s quite the difference.

Further, a Gemini moon, above much else, needs to make a change.

The gibbous moon, when in Gemini, needs to be reminded that not every single thought or feeling needs to be expressed just so… including, too, not every ‘change’ imagined or envisioned—or mindlessly vacillated toward—is always the appropriate thought, feeling, or action to think, feel, or take on.

Do not misunderstand—when the moon is in Gemini it’s a really good time to think things through…

Yet, distractions are much more probable now, as well as overthinking—or circling within thoughts of, more or less, irrelevancy. Thinking ‘more deeply’ into thoughts of little consequence is not more helpful to you, or appropriate, simply because you’ve considered it that much more thoroughly… centering in on the appropriate target, in terms of your personal needs, values, and then courtship you honor between these— it’s the targeting in upon, most particularly, that which supports you in the sustainment of these.

Do try to avoid any urge to act impulsively, spontaneously, or egoically today. Rather, use your time today, perhaps, to consider more devotedly that which sustains your needs and values—and even more specifically, that which needs to change.

Further still, what needs to change within or toward your needs and values—particularly if your courtship to these is currently, or has been, taken for granted or jeopardized, or even challenged…

Today’s moon connects to Venus by square through a degree that regards personal statements of sorts—typically encouraging and/or providing ease toward a need to verbally express that which needs to be expressed… yet, a square aspect suggests that whatever need you may have today to be heard, or understood—may be challenged, or more difficult than it otherwise should be.

Later, the moon connects to Mars in conjunction through a degree illuminating objectivity.

Objectivity toward making a change.

It’s obvious to you now—if it hasn’t been since the Aquarian new moon—that you need to make a change, or move forward with something… but the how, or exactly what, of course, is likely still eluded (eluded here, not alluded) from you. And so you may instinctively and egoically know that a change or adjustment is necessary, especially toward your needs and values—you likely have yet to pinpoint exactly what this change looks like, and more adroitly, when the best time to take action and make this change.

This change, most absolutely, requires either much consideration, research, analysis, or strategic planning—further requiring a bit of flexibility, natural curiosity, and openness for unexpected change… and maybe even a little playful exploration.

Today is a good day to consider these components, and mentally play with the parameters of potential and possibility, as well as the realistic pathways toward that which you will need to venture, and thrive… and, simultaneously, change within.

❝Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in public or private life, have been the consequences of action without thought.❞

—Bernard Baruch

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