Gemini/Cancer Gibbous Moon—February 1

The moon continues moving through Gemini through the morning here on the west coast—or into the afternoon on the east coast—separation from its overnight square with Neptune… potentially slowing down morning and afternoon activities somewhat.

Then the moon moves into Cancer…

This shift involves a moon motivated by keeping on point, by the severe dysfunctions of counterproductive motivations, by empty goals and vacant values—to being motivated by efforts of nurturing.

Thank goodness, yes?!

Once in Cancer, the moon connects to Jupiter by square through a degree that typically accents magic, as well as ‘the release from pressure and stress or a healing of some situation or condition bringing welcome relief…’ as well as ‘romance being in the air…’ and so, as wonderfully lovely as all of that is—it’s still essential to consider that this remains a square, regardless Jupiter being involved.

Plus, it’s Cancer…

A square implies that the connection between A and B will not be easy or accessible, smooth or effortless—again, Jupiter or not—and so, the relationship between the moon and Jupiter, by square, today, might relate to the challenge toward new meanings regarding your needs—as in the actual reality toward what these really imply for you within your reality…

Or maybe it might emerge as a dramatic tension between new values regarding family dynamics and a member of your family…

But then again, perhaps you’re struggling with the ‘rightness’ and ‘wrongness’ of something related to, or inherent within, your new or current values or needs.

You get the idea…

So, magic—which is always the notion of personally creating movement, creating a difference, within the workings of what is possible—in regard to the magic which may or may not be occurring within the tensions or challenges between A and B… the magic will require your effort to personally create a difference within the workings of what is possible, in spite of the tensions or challenges or whatnot.

Taking the shadow of something and transmuting this energy into something useful, inspiring, nurturing, or illuminating.

Creativity and imagination, along with much in regard to intuitive knowing, will be the way in which you will want to transmute these today, though do not expect outright solutions—but rather, more of something resembling this in exchange for that, or, in other words: through lateral adjustments.

Lateral adjustments may be magical enough today.

Because, you know—it’s Cancer…

If you’re willing to open to and embrace your imagination and inner sense of creative expression, in a most self-nurturing kind of way… magical happenings may truly be a potential.

Romance? Sure—but I wouldn’t expect it to go anywhere—it’ll likely be a true, and very fleeting, romance… and romance, in its spurts, expires until rekindled—always, this energy requires effort.

Release? I really hope so… but I wouldn’t imagine it being available—again, Jupiter or not—if one isn’t up for confronting the inner puzzle works of emotionality within the psychic barriers and muscle memory within one’s own shadows, and it’s essential to remember, here, that Jupiter either expands or depresses anything it has influence over—and perhaps therein lies the real magic on offer.

Always, this is up to you, possibly more so today.

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Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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