Leo Gibbous Moon—February 4

The I Ching states that: a person should contemplate the workings of the universe with reverence and introspection—in this way expression is given to the effects of these laws upon his own person—this is the source of a hidden power.

It really cannot be more clear than this. And this, precisely, is what today’s energies are illuminating from within you—today is asking of you your reverence and introspection, in an effort to explore this inner power hidden within.

If you took the time yesterday to tune into your intuition, into the tip of the iceberg that is your inner knowing, into your inner clockworks—today may have you now questioning the certainty of it all, requiring a bolder, more dramatically expressed, sense of assurance…

The moon is in Leo now, after all.

Have you ignored your inner knowing or intuition for so long its compass is off or vocal chords broken?

Or maybe you’ve never given it much mind in the first place?

Perhaps you’ve always mistaken your ego as your inner knowing… it’s far too common.

My grandmother always encouraged me with the universal Shakespearean line: to thine own self—be true.

This has nothing to do with personal authenticity, or knowing your personality, or knowing who you are when the lights go out—but rather everything to do with thoroughly and personally understanding one’s inner, hidden self and psyche, and being intimately connected with one’s inner knowing. In other words, it refers to possessing the personal power to stand up to the noise and havoc of the ego, when necessary, and having the courage to tune in to listen to the softest whispers and most subtle needs of the soul.

Much like understanding the language of the ‘stars’, which is to say: the planets.

For instance, knowing that one would look to Venus to understand what natural desires exist, or what marital/relational drama is likely—but one wouldn’t refer to Venus for any information regarding marriage potential!—unless one is totally up for multiple marriages, a handful of affairs, several dalliances, and the like—up to you.

Not everyone understands this… perhaps because not everyone understands the mythology of Venus.

However, it is eye-opening to track Venus’ movements through the chart, because the five-point star pattern Venus makes within a chart is, essentially, cyclically patterning within those five houses each time, and when aligning this pattern to that of what was—or wasn’t —occurring within one’s love life or marriage each of those years… oh my—there is no limit as to what this opens…

Sorry—I just wrote a post regarding the Venus/Mars square…


It is important here to remember that ‘the stars’, and essentially, the planets, and luminaries alike, do not create these energies necessarily, nor do they influence the energies as I am sometimes guilty of phrasing in such a way in an effort to make sense of something—rather, these planetary bodies and luminaries reflect energies already occurring, from within, mirrored back upon us… some of these reflections are more aggressive than others, while some are much more comfortable.

As Hermes Trismegistus once commanded: this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—as below, so above; and as above, so below—with this knowledge alone you may work miracles.

Which is to say: how you choose to respond or react to the energies, on any given day, is how you’ve already chosen to respond or react as these energies are continually being reflected back to you through actual events or other phenomenal actions or moments otherwise…

Unless you choose to break the cycle.

To choose a higher frequency.

Especially with the moon!—all those moods!—each month!—who has time for all those moods each and every month!?

Or, there’s always the choice of living within the pre-arranged patterning of it all…

This inner knowing we all possess speaks to us through our gut, sometimes, and other times through our heart, and other times, still, through our conscience… and we possess the free will to either ignore it, deny it, accept it, or question it.

Because sometimes it tells us something we would rather not know as true, even though we know—I have to believe you’ve all experienced this—we stupidly think we can change, or fix, or edit, or save, or otherwise alter the unalterable.

But we always know…

When we choose to ignore it or deny it, and continue in an effort to fix or alter—contrary to our egoic belief—it does not simply fade away or disappear, or ever recover… in fact, it tends to grow larger in its original inevitability, and typically catches up with us when we’ve found ourselves in a corner.

Yet, countless people choose this method of handling their affairs, careers, relationships and fears alike, allowing the ego to call the shots, allowing the ego to run rampant all over…

Allowing the ego to exploit the patterning.

Through these notions, as well as today’s energies—today is an ideal day to consider the cycles and patterning within your personal reality… not only your own behavioral patterning and personal cycles—but those through which are governed by your personal planetary cycles. It’s truly astounding to reflect back through your years according to planetary cycles… the perspectives you gain from such awareness is dauntingly underrated—it changes everything.

Still… ignoring, denying, or resisting the awareness of such cycles and patterns gains you only the high probability of perpetuating and repeating such hamster wheels of reality.

Awareness has the power of eliminating the hamster wheel. And ambition. Gotta have the ambition beyond the awareness…

As the moon moves toward tomorrow’s full moon in Leo, we are reminded that there’s something within needing expressed, needing heard, needing acknowledged… needing unearned or relearned.

It’s almost as if something needs to be set free from within ourselves, to feel alive!

Maybe it’s past patterning and personal cycles—or it could be a behavior or need that has been repressed for whatever reason… and perhaps these two separate ideas have more in common now than ever previously considered.

Our cycles have a way of colliding in onto another…

When the moon is in Leo the ego emerges much more easily and is ever-ready to take the natural lead… but I would recommend quieting the ego and continuing to tune into your inner knowing for a while longer—I would suggest tuning in more deeply to hear more clearly and feel more thoroughly anything which might have been lost or blurred, muted, or misconstrued from the ego’s greedier mistranslations.

Especially if you’re needing something within your personal reality to change—you know, deep down, the change needs to occur with/through you…

Nothing will change until you change… it’s the magic of the Universe—it’s universal law—action and reaction, always forevermore.

There are real opportunities abound—I wouldn’t want you to miss anything because you were being held hostage by your egoic impulses and missing every potential in the rowdy mess of perpetuated patterning and ignore or deny your inner reverence and soul-nourishing introspection, squandering any effort to explore this sacred inner power hidden deeply within.

As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins...❞

—Albert Schweitzer

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