Leo Full Moon at 16°41’—February 5

Today’s full moon in Leo is a powerful moon—and this year, it’s a powerful moon that finds itself squaring exactly to Uranus…

Anything could happen—anything happens all the time.

This square to Uranus, further still, speaks to how the previous two years Saturn/Uranus ongoing square has stirred upheavals, potential chaos and/or anxiety, all the anythings, and the inner nudges of change within your own nativity… and now, as this square has moved beyond any further connections, this full moon illumination will feature the appropriate conclusions.

And yesterday’s Venus/Mars square energies are very much a potent force intermingling with today’s lunar illuminations…

All of these separate-but-connected energies are truly incredible—these vibrations we’re navigating—the celestial collaborations and correlations alike, it’s as if the heavens are offering olive branches… the doors of potentials are opening wide—and we’re all being asked, this year, to make major changes. What a friendly time to make such major changes…

The Leo full moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests “we take charge of a situation…”


It’s time to take charge and to take authorship of your life.

Do you feel as though you’re the author of your life?—or are you endlessly bobbing and weaving to avoid the punches?

There’s a light opening to you… and then there’s all the familiar shadows and darkness…

Today—and the entire week surrounding today—is both illuminating and highlighting not only you, but also everything within your personal reality that is both working toward your benefit (through the highlighting of the sun) and that which is holding you down or back, that which you continue to harbor despite its patterning or emotional baggage, and/or not working in your favor (through the illuminations of the moon).

The degree through which today’s lunar event occurs is also in support of taking a more personal authorship within one’s own life and livelihood, as well as toward one’s personal connection with the universe and All That Is… it is a degree that speaks of “trying to solve the deeper mysteries of life, and to man’s insatiable desire to understand, predict and control the world in which he lives…”

Scheduling a reading within this first quarter of the year—from now through March—would be such a resource-saver to you, in regards to time, energy, and money, toward what you’re being called to change or alter within your reality… I can’t even begin to explain to you.

Awareness always assists agreeability.

If you’ve yet to be approached to make a major change or alteration within your reality—the year has only just begun.

And these changes—these changes, as well as your energies, are all your own—these are your personal responsibility… this life is yours to author—before, within, throughout, and after any changes necessary.

These expressions within you needing expressed, and the creative living you’re beginning to participate within—these everyday notions within your personal reality is literally begging you, these days, to take action within your life—to take action toward your personal values and begin living these values—to express your inner needs, your inner aspirations, and anything most personal that has been put to the side for far too long.

Whereas the Saturn/Uranus square that occurred for the last two years within your personal reality in ways that were likely beyond much of your control—and possibly going too far with changing details within both the Old and the New—something you needed to sit through and work with, and navigate the Old and the New for yourself… the energies, now, are giving you a green light to call the shots.

It’s a really big deal…

Obviously, as with anything, this green light is flashing for that which is realistic.

The green light is flashing for those of you who have already been working toward something, and for those of you beginning something that will fit within your reality most comfortably and reasonably… however, for any of you hesitant to put the first foot forward in making a necessary change—especially changes that are quite involved and complicated, or simply heavily obligated in some way—it’s an excellent time to begin improving your reality, with an ultimate goal of living a life that more authentically mirroring your true values without compromise.

It’s time to make the most of something.

It’s time to ponder and strategize what these changes will look like over time.

It’s time to make a change that needs to be made—for no other reason beyond simply acknowledging and agreeing that it’s the best/right thing to do.

It’s time to use your voice, to speak up, and to ask for what you need and make requests for what you desire.

It’s time to open yourself to that cosmic bond, to that inner spark within you, to open yourself to trust this bond/spark connection… and to begin fulfilling your personal gifts, and share these with those around you, to share with everyone.

The gospel of Thomas suggests as much: If you bring forth what is in you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is in you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you.


This t-square alignment to Uranus, particularly as it’s so outrageously exact, strongly suggests and emphasizes the likelihood of personal struggles with alienation toward these changes, specifically to those of you who are struggling working toward exactly and precisely what is requiring change, or still struggling with denial, repressing, resisting, or avoidance.

If you’re feeling alienated these days, and not charged and inspired—this is a huge sign… please take this seriously.

Astrologer Diana McMahon Collis writes of this lunar event, that for many “here, we feel rather alone and outnumbered, as though it’s only us with a ‘problem’ or issue—in reality, other people may also feel super sensitive!—or, they may feel lonely, unacknowledged, or plain ‘weird’ in some way… our challenge is to realize that we are not completely unique, and that no problem is, in any case, insurmountable… through embracing novelty and peculiarity, we discover creative solutions to any troubles.”

And truly, despite all the flashing metaphorical green lights—it is absolutely possible that these fits and starts will require restarts several times over… but what’s most essential is that the starting is beginning, that the starting is taken seriously.

This lunar event falls within the second decan of Leo, which is a decan that, as astrologer Austin Coppock describes as “a hospitable host for the spirit… happy figures are seen here, externally victorious due to their success—they are thus celebrated not just for what they do, but who they are.”

This decan is associated with the 6 of wands—a card that celebrates victory, achievements, winning, and missions accomplished… tarot writer Theresa Reed writes of this card, “the destination has not yet been reached, but you’re well on your way… the vibe here is one of optimism—you’re seeing the road ahead, and it’s looking bright and open; keep on moving along…”

The outcome is on its way to you.

Further, if any of this isn’t enough—Jupiter governs this card and this decan… and Jupiter is currently, and happily, moving through the first decan of pioneering Aries. Abracadabra.

It is indicated that you may even receive recognition or accolades now, or other spotlights kind of attention—whether you actually deserve it or not… if your intentions are pure of heart.

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of this card, that this card signifies “your moment in the sun… a sense of achievement.”

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card, “the Greek story of Icarus gives us clues into what happens when we don’t stop to check in with why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how the things we’re achieving make us feel deep down inside… the winged man flies up and up and up for no discernible reason other than because he can, only to come crashing down.”

Dore continues she she’s worked with numbers of people who appear to ‘have it all’, and yet they suffer—and “feel chronically threatened, uncertain, exhausted, directionless and utterly diminished…”

Further, Dore writes, “if we find that we always need to be right, become intensely distressed at the slightest hint of criticism, refuse to engage with anything that might be a challenge, or feel hollow inside despite being viewed by others as excessively fortunate or lucky, it may be time to ask questions about how we define success, where that definition came from, and how we might revise it to make it more true.”


It’s time to begin aligning our personal values with our actual needs, and align these creatively and joyfully, and most genuinely, within our personal reality.

It’s time to directly experience fulfillment.

It’s time.

Too be truly fulfilled is to be happy because of your own self-realization. It is to come to such a genuine understanding of what you want (and who you really are) that not doing it isn’t an option anymore. It’s seeing beyond the mindsets you adopted, or the ideals that are not inherently your own. It is the humble simplicity of what you want to offer the world each day, and it is the love you awaken as you do it…

—Brianna Wiest

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