Leo/Virgo Disseminating Moon—February 6

To begin, I wanted to inform you that Mercury will be back at the degree it originally stationed upon to move retrograde…

This means that Mercury is now moving beyond the point, where it left off, to begin moving retrograde—and will move forward into unknown territory, into an underworld conjunction to Pluto on February 10th before its ingress into Aquarius… and it’s possible, then, that matters from as far back as December could resurface, or that potentially active details, which have been hidden all this time, might now begin to emerge.

This is particularly significant, today, because once today’s moon moves into Virgo—Mercury will govern the Virgoan moon—which will only further illuminate Mercury’s underworld machinations.

I’ll be writing an additional post about Mercury’s new information…

As for today’s moon, before moving into Virgo, the Leo moon opposes Saturn through a degree advocating the ‘gradual realization of opportunities, new cycles beginning, and feelings of leaving the past behind, finally…’

These insights and awakenings, through Leo, definitely suggest a brighter, more optimistic tone upon whatever is ‘slowly being revealed’, though this remains what it is: the moon opposing Saturn, which forewarns a heavier feeling toward realizations surfacing, or heftier reminds of obligations toward changes needing made, or even an ‘opportunity’ or transition that involves much more than was previously understood.

However, starting over or beginning again is likely very much becoming more and more emphasized within your reality, even toward the smallest of notions.

Ultimately, something quite directly and/or personally is needing changed within your life—within yourself, within your relationship(s), within your behavior, preferences, or health routine or habits, within your immediate environment, or within your perspectives… something.

And then the moon shifts into Virgo—and in its disseminating phase, there may be something of a psychosomatic need for perfection…

Though, trying to simply enjoy the process of these changes would be best, and would better suit your needs now.

Any attempt for perfection, toward changes you’ve likely never made before, is, quite bluntly, ridiculous—and would only potentially deter any genuine efforts being made toward these necessary changes, which would be a real shame.

This ‘new cycle’, keep in mind, is associated through Saturn, and anything associated with Saturn is notorious for taking its precious time, whether it suits you or not—particularly if it’s something frustrating.

Take your time—these changes will be monumental.

As for the Virgo moon illuminating Mercury, through the degree Mercury is now moving through, suggests you might either look for, or be presented with, a bargain—a discount—again, keep in mind, that there are no true bargains or discounts or otherwise when negotiating with Saturn.

In other words, your new beginnings maybe shouldn’t begin on the note of a marketing ploy… you shouldn’t have to be sold on changing—you should genuinely want to make a change because you know, deeply within your being, that it is best.

Or don’t change at all… and pay Saturn’s hefty price when your debt comes due.

It is necessary to try to surpass one’s self always; this occupation ought to last as long as life…

—Queen Christina of Sweden

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