Virgo Disseminating Moon—February 7

Twas Albert Einstein who stated that ‘in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity…’ and that from discord one should seek harmony.

The energies have been flowing quite smoothly—and today, and into next week, something of an energetic challenge emerges—perhaps these energies are to remind you just how badly you need what you think you need… or what you are willing to endure to achieve, obtain, or become whatever it is you’re working toward.

A harsh moment of truth, aggressive revelation, or otherwise confrontational proof could emerge for you today, or suddenly occur to you… the ‘discovery’, which is likely something you’re merely awakening to, something that has been obvious all along—particularly if you’re willing to look back and reflect—this something, now quite directly obvious to you, is ultimately in an effort of personal accountability.

In other words, this something—now vividly obvious to you—is something to take account of now in an effort to improve.

Today may feel like a personal ‘reckoning’…

Regardless of whatever is emerging now, whatever is being illuminated and so critically pinpointed—is genuinely for your advantage—is now capable of being honestly acknowledged and that much more open to, and capable of, a new and meaningful commitment in rectifying the wrong, examining the unclear, or otherwise following through on what is requiring a determined dedication.

These energies truly to require something of an oath—in fact, if you put your previous resolutions on hold, now would be an ideal time to re-activate them.

And I would recommend you take seriously anything that reveals itself… I would recommend seriousness, and personal responsibility.

Is it possible that whatever arrives upon your attention and awareness today, in direct balance to however heavily it emerged, is simply demanding your focus in an effort to transmute its weight upon you into renewed meaning, clarified significance, or reinvigorated inspiration?

Further, what frequency are you willing to receive this—whatever it is being revealed?

In what amount of personal accountability are you taking?

Are you willing to apply patience and receive further clarity?—or are you much more inclined to react impulsively and likely create a much larger mess which will need eventual cleanup…

Regardless of the amount of accountability you’re willing and/or reasonably able to claim—it’s best you slowly think things through today, new information revealed or not, and consider all consequences toward whatever it is newly surrounding your horizons these days.

Remember, too, that you are embarking upon a brand new cycle within your reality, in one way or another—particularly if you’re surrendering to the changes the energies are offering… and this means, likewise, that you’re not supposed to know precisely what your next steps are at this point—not yet.

Right now—try to embrace the process of your evolving…

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Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself—and be lenient to everybody else.

—Henry Ward Beecher

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