Virgo Disseminating Moon—February 8

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Continued lunar thrill for, and curiosity in, the process of it all—within the process of your personal reality unfolding, the process of your personal reality divinely falling into place as you manage, move and machinate—in medias res…

It is, after all, the inner workings of all things that holds the richest pulps of value.

We tend to forget this in this Age of Entitled and Gratified Instantaneousness…

Today’s energies are asking you to ask yourself, essentially, to be open to opening your mind—to embrace an ‘inner child’ expectation even—toward the best possible outcome falling into place… though a protective amount of preparation should be utilized, of course, depending upon your circumstances.


Much of this thinking requires—if not demands—you expect, as much—if not more—from yourself as you expect from whatever you expect beyond yourself.

Set the example, always.

Are you expecting a certain level of response from the universe without offering your own action?—that doesn’t work.

It is important to think critically, and deliberately—as many actual facts as you can learn or gain… especially before making any decisions regarding anything important. And the sun moving through the third decan of Aquarius has much to teach you here… read more here.


Today may open to you in some way. If you’re looking in the necessary direction.

We either react to life as it comes, or we respond to life as it comes to us from an organized inner life.

—Ciela Wynter

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