Libra Disseminating Moon—February 9

A Libra moon, essentially, represents a reflection of self through Other, and this reflection is obviously, quite endlessly, somewhat distorted—and through its disseminating phase, this moon seeks peace, which is to say that when the moon is in Libra, particularly in its disseminating phase, we tend to seek out stability and that infamous Libra ideal: balance…

But also, we seek out reason.

We seek out a sense of justice within our own realities.

Within our own narratives.

Vacillation, when the moon is in Libra (though this is absolutely a lunar trait) is particularly expected…

Feelings of duality, too, are seeping into the all-too oppositional mindsets and emotionalities. Though, this isn’t the easiest emotional landscaping to navigate.

Today’s moon opposes Jupiter today through a degree that pinpoints the oppositional imbalances—its a degree that illuminates ‘security and comfort left behind…’

Today is about seeking within for the purpose of balancing the external imbalances, and the reasonability of it all.

This degree illuminates a time of ‘real loneliness…’ and that “when you are separated from everyone or everything, there is a constant, sometimes unseen, sustaining energy ready to welcome you…”

Again. Very heavy duality…

Another perspective of this degree is a ‘fruitless expenditure of energy as the result of Jamie or a blind refusal to release and let go…’ or ‘a tenacious clinging to hope or an indomitable will’, and feelings—which is to say irrationality, emotionality, and sentimentality—is the dominating force of energy…

Try to keep your balance amidst all of the challenges against this balance, and try to maintain an emotional detachment from much of it… keeping a realistic perspective upon anything you’re able will only be an advantage to you.

Though, it’s nearly impossible to separate yourself from whatever it is you’re navigating…

This detachment, even among yourself, however isolating, could grow to represent an inner warmth if you’re able to find the real peace within the balance of it all… but only if a balance is found.

Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.

—Brandon Sanderson

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