I originally began writing what is now referred to as Moon Moods in an effort to understand my own moods, and try to recognize a pattern, to more appropriately assign meaning. I was at a low point in my life, and I needed to see a way out.

Sure enough—I quickly realized a monthly pattern. Within two months…

I know where the moon is without looking at my app—I know how to more personally plan the weeks within the months to suit my preferences and routines. Truly, there’s power in the moon.

And, most importantly, I was able to better navigate my moods and rose above them.

Once I was well beyond my own moods, I began looking to the other planets for guidance… and found so much more—everything beyond me began to make more sense to me. I was able to begin planning my life—to suit my own needs and embrace my values.

I continue to write for you, dear readers, these daily validations of lunar mood so that you too can recognize your own monthly patterning in an effort to move above and beyond the moods—as astrology is quite functionally a tool of motivation in preparation and direction—to tackle both the inner and the larger matters in life.

As validating as these daily moods are—moods alone rarely move anyone from point A to B—moods tend not to accomplish anything… if anything, when experiencing a harsher reality, it’s soothing to understand that it’s occurring in tandem within something larger. I get that—but when experiencing a harsher reality, it’s also ideal to pull yourself beyond it for yourself.

Which would require the outlook of Mercury, Venus and Mars…

Moods aren’t responsible for tackling the larger matters in life, much less the harsher realities—moods might even make these worse.

The moon alone is not guidance for making real changes in your life—within your larger reality, for navigating new experiences, or for challenging yourself in any meaningful way…

And things in the world are changing.

Which is why I wanted to begin sharing with you my additional posts, via substack, delineating the activity of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the monthly decans of the sun—to provide you with a much broader horizon in perspective toward your life, as well as an actual celestial roadmap in real time through which to begin navigating personally authored change.

Both within yourself, and within your personal reality.

Obviously, scheduling a reading is more of an exact way to activate change in your life—but becoming a paid subscriber at for $8/month to receive extensive celestially charged updates and delineations is second best. It’s also a really lovely way to support my time and talent. Thank you.

If you would like a reading, you can reach out to me at—individual consultations are $185, couple’s consultations are $350/per session

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