Scorpio Disseminating Moon—February 12

For a disseminating moon—in Scorpio, no less—today may prove quite magical in a most friendly and fondly empowering way…

Today’s lunarly potentials offer transformations, magical inspirations, and shadow-work type healing… and’ the image of the moon shining across a lake alludes to mystical experience, and it portrays a quiet beauty that softens the heart and lifts the soul to shimmering realms of loveliness…’

Isn’t that beautiful!?

Today could get you caught up in a mood, to say the least.

Either the mood of a mere moment… or’ temporarily transcending everyday problems through a shift in consciousness to gentler and more peaceful or mellow thoughts…’ which I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Please try not to dwell… you would be missing such a magical moment—a momentary Now in time. A momentary Now in time within real time—a momentary Now to transcend time itself… please don’t miss this celestial potential.

Today holds a potential for healing, and even the most ethereal reconciliation, precious reflections of nostalgic moments…

Try to surrender to this flow…

Try to find that pulse within your heart that allows an acquiescence…

Though, please do not misunderstand—these magical energies do not require one to acquiesce one’s essence, or authenticity—no—today’s magical potentials will likely only be available to those who truly know who they are… who are genuine, and in alignment with their own cosmic rhythm.

There’s a huge wave and vibration of potential, opportunity, openness, self-fulfillment, willingness and connection today.

Be yourself today. Unapologetically. Express who you are… and see what comes to you.

See what opens for you. See what doesn’t.

Make good choices. Much to be reflected today.

Shadow work tomorrow. Come prepared.

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other…

—Desiderius Erasmus

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