Sagittarius Balsamic Moon—February 14

Now that we’ve passed yesterday’s confrontational Scorpio last quarter moon, we’ve got an entire week of balsamic moons—today into tomorrow in Sagittarius; Wednesday through early Friday in Capricorn; later Friday into Sunday in Aquarius—until Sunday—the new moon in Pisces…

Which is to suggest that this entire week is, ultimately, ideal for the complete surrendering to that which you intended back from the Aquarius new moon—and a surrendering to the matters that emerge through the houses these zodiacal energies govern within your nativity… it’s been quite the lunar month—for some of you, quite harsh; for others, quite profound… either way, profundity is guaranteed if you’re open to it.

Today’s Sagittarius balsamic mood is much different from yesterday’s moon, and perhaps most importantly, today’s moon offers an emotional ability to go between—to feel, more connectively, much more clearly toward that which is found in between… in between the extremes.

There might be a restless energy today, because the Sagittarian moon—unless you’re otherwise able to rise above egoic impulses, or restlessness toward distraction and avoidance—doesn’t enjoy being balsamic.

In this, likely much needed, phase of inaction—a relevant way to navigate these balsamic energies this week, particularly today and tomorrow, will be to observe… and to lead by example with everything you do.

Further, patience is key.

If there is an underlying sense of urgency toward anything—it would be helpful to analyze this more deeply, as it’s out of alignment with these current vibrations. Perhaps feelings of frustration and/or impatience are misdirected and/or misunderstood feelings of confusion—particularly confusion between the mental and the emotional within.

Further, it might be incredibly inspiring for you to find both beauty and mystery within the mundane…

Wallowing in woes is particularly harsh today—and the sun continues to apply its annual conjunction to Saturn, exact Thursday… read about this here.

Finally, the moon will oppose Mars today through a degree further supporting the need for deeper investigations, into yourself, your own motivations, your personal values, and your choices… and, perhaps most essentially, the necessity for adjustments where appropriate to shift for your greater benefit.

Today and tomorrow aren’t encouraging for making decisions, and really, neither is this entire week… but rather, these balsamic energies are more appropriate for considering all that lies or falls in between the extremes of This and That.

Also, just a head’s up, a Sagittarius moon isn’t exactly the best moon to hold an obligation to, sometimes even if it’s in their best interest… but most especially, one involving any giving of one’s most selfless self in an effort to give to another…

Maybe just wait until the moon moves into Capricorn to attempt to make any reason of anything. For now… just imagine.

And so, with a moon in Sagittarius for this years Valentine’s Day—and may this not be the only day within the year you are verbalizing your innermost thoughts and feelings to your Other—though, on the other hand, today may not be ideal!

This bullshit calendar event is even more likely to be casually overlooked, forgotten altogether, or invalidated through egoic ‘reasoning’ as to why these obligations couldn’t be selflessly honored or celebrated… which is sort of convenient, because this year, particularly, through these examples, or otherwise, could come off as severely detached, insincere, and/or otherwise forced or emotionally hollow.

Cheers! (Yikes.) Better make it a double…

Apologies, dearly, though I’m not about to pretend that this silly excuse for the excesses of waste and vacancy to be thrown about in the name of love has ever been helpful to anyone, couples or not.

But then again… if anything—thanks to Saturn—coupled or not, this calendar event does inspire realistic thinking, as well as an honest acknowledgement of what we don’t have, and what we do—for better or worse. Though, still, these acknowledgements tend not to lean romantically…

Not to mention, Sagittarian energies tend to influence only ‘believing in’ love when they, themselves, are in love… and Sagittarians have been taking a Mars retrograde in Gemini hit since August—I’m not sure how many believe in love anymore! Kidding, not kidding.

Keep in mind, too, that this years annual sun/Saturn conjunction is mere days later, so there’s a harshness hanging onto matters and feelings, a harshness that could very well bloom into depressive mindsets and/or melancholic moods.

Clearly this wasn’t one of those pagan celebrations that were renamed by the Christians and re-orchestrated and smudged out, essentially, all the deeper symbolisms or sacred meanings… otherwise, a day our modern consumerist society assigns the hurried, absent-mindedly programmed purchases of red roses and chocolates entrapped within boxes shaped of hearts wouldn’t have been designated within the season of winter, within a zodiacal energy ruled by Saturn, within a decan governed through Saturn by the moon.

Need I remind you that Saturn has nothing to do with romance or enduring love—Saturn is all about legal binding and marital contracts, vows of exchange which can be used for better or worse when neglected or skipped out of, and of course, the death detail… nor does Aquarian energy have too warm a perspective toward even the consumerisms of romantic love.

Aquarius is the sign of individuated independence in selfhood.

All of this is sounding really lovely, yea?!

Squishy squishy stuff. I’m so so very sorry…

Valentine’s Day, then, is a severely obligated reminder of whatever responsibilities and obligations you once promised, in some cases—down to a dollar amount, on a single day so many years ago… it’s an annual obligation to ‘remember’ those vows that have likely long been forgotten and/or compromised, and this remembrance is typically celebrated with chocolates contained within a box shared like a heart, for that literal effect… and maybe an obnoxious fluffy stuffed thing, maybe something sparkly.

This is not love. Unless love, for you, is an obligated responsibility, much as an errand is…

Particularly so when it needs to be put on a calendar and stores turn their aisles pink lest you have other things on your mind.

Venus would be appalled.

Real Love is never on the other end of an obligation, much less upon a marital contract with the state, under God and blah blah blah.

Venus desires choice—which sometimes changes. Not chains. That’s Saturn.

Traditionally, marriage was an exchange, let’s not forget—a contracted bond, and was never in the woman’s interest—this is why Saturn governs marriage and partnerships…

Yet it is not Venus one would want to look toward for a workable, functional relationship involving love and intimacy within the chart either—Venus is typically the cause for marriages ending in divorce, because Venus was being Venus when either extramarital affairs occurred or one’s need to feel free suddenly emerged… not to mention, Venus is never on the other end of anything obligatory—Venus is fleeting and unpredictable.

There are other celestial points within the chart that should be considered when one is considering: who an ideal partner would be, for you personally; what an ideal arrangement would look like for you and another; when a relationship should be initiated; when a wedding should be planned, etc…

If only people understood their own charts and were able to navigate their partner’s charts!!!—specifically before moving in together and/or getting married!!!


This is where I tend to come in to be of some invaluable utility…

Typically my couple’s consultations are $350 per session—for Valentine’s I’ll offer your first couple’s session for free with a $300 nonrefundable retainer toward the second session. Let me know.

And it’s not only my celestial obligation to you—I also honestly find real joy through inspiring others to live their best lives…

After my yammer and rant, for what it’s worth, Happy Valentine’s Day… may you know your worth and may you acknowledge the value in your Other—and may the two of you never once take it for granted, and for those of you without an Other—may you not seek love via Venus (unless it’s a fling for fun) or Saturn (unless it’s an arrangement with the security of a monthly allowance) XO, JJ

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