Sagittarius/Capricorn Balsamic Moon—February 15

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Seize the days in your year—in your life!

As per yesterday’s post, and the day before, both of which were apparently quite timely for many of you—and, likewise, unsurprisingly to me, the majority of my clients since as far back as November are coming to me, more or less, regarding real time circumstances already within their personal realities, in an effort to associate themselves, to the navigating of Pluto moving into Aquarius…

Pluto will entirely transform this sector of your reality.

All of you. Not just Aquarians, and for that matter, but Leo’s (in opposition), Taureans (by square) and Scorpio too (by square)… everyone, by one angle or another—though, perhaps those of you with heavy Capricorn have already endured your makeover, haven’t you.

It will not be subtle…

Nothing with Pluto is ever subtle.

Not to scare you. At all. By any means. But rather, to prepare you for major, and I mean critical, transformations, renovations, redirections, personal reflections and shadow work, and eliminations of the untrained egoic impulses—there’s nothing subtle about any of these potentials…

I caught another ‘astrologer’s post/meme the other day nonchalantly down-playing this… (to their readers eventual chagrin, yikes)


Today’s Sagittarian moon squares the annual Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces through a degree describing foreshadowing…

In the Planetary Planner/February Issue I wrote:

‘Venus will connect to Neptune—modern ruler of Pisces—in conjunction, at 24*04’ Pisces on February 15th… and this would ordinarily be quite a lovely day—and it will remain lovely for you, should you be able to rise above much of the drama otherwise on offer from several other planetary combinations—though, this year it may only add to any drama occurring… somewhat ironically, this conjunction occurs through a degree that speaks to dismissals…’

This conjunction is one that’s particularly potent in Pisces, and sort of, perhaps symbolically and energetically, kicks off this portion of Venus’ journey this year—from here into March, as Venus moves forward and into conjunction with Vesta, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries… it’s a powerfully healing vibration that will only build and become that much more confronting. And I will be writing additional posts about this as it builds…

Venus moves into Aries on Sunday, so this weekend should be enjoyed thoroughly.

Hopefully without drama.

So, as I forewarned you within the Planetary Planner/February Issue—for those of you who celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, planning something special for this coming weekend, if possible, would be preferable, as you’ll enjoy a more lovey love lovely time, and is just naturally that much more ideal…

Particularly with that Venus/Neptune in Pisces vibe, oh my—it’ll be so… therapeutic—whatever this means for you.

If you’re willing…

As for the moon illuminating this magic potential by square, you may finally be open to receive, however offhandedly or directly, a very clear recognition to, and however hesitating an acknowledgment of, your personal responsibility toward something that isn’t exactly impressive to you, or even entirely yours alone… and nevertheless, you may still harbor some amount of accountability—and perhaps now you’ll be able to release that which isn’t yours, and maybe never really was yours anyway.

Not only will the therapeutic energies on offer through the remaining days of this week be quite availably ambitious—but so will this lunarly square and its opportunity in accountability.

Obviously, it’s all a balance…

Though all in all, in all ways, for all intents and purposes, today and into the next, and throughout this year, really—transitions are emerging and opening… and the ‘survival of things that serve a purpose’ is revealing its relevancy to you.

And as the moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn today—where Pluto currently moves—our perspectives tend to shift from self-motivated ideals to realistic limitations…

Particularly so, as Pluto continues to push forward, applying its ingress into Aquarius—your greatest advantage lies in understanding the reason some situation continues to exist.

With Pluto, not only will surrender be very much a component—so will sacrificing something—to give something in exchange of receiving something…

What can you tolerate disconnecting yourself from and remain thriving?

What, within your personal reality, can you disconnect from that has not been serving you for some time anyway, if ever?

Is there a part of you, a part of you deep within, demanding a more devoted, firmer accountability?

When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else…

—David Brin

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