Capricorn Balsamic Moon—February 16

I think it’s important to point out to you that the next time the moon moves through Capricorn, roughly around this time next month—Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, will have moved into Pisces…

And this changes everything.

Of course, I’ll be writing a separate post about this, but for now I will remind you that Saturn has been moving through its own domain—through Capricorn, then Aquarius—since December 20, 2017!!!

Allow yourself a moment to let that sink in…

And now, Saturn will be governed by Jupiter, in Pisces—the planet of limits and limitations moving within the realm of boundarilessness…

In other words—an entirely new energy, indeed.

Anyway. Apologies. I am simply so giddy about some of these shifts in energy coming up…

It’s so essential to understand the choices you make each day—these personal choices within your reality… as these will be weaved into these new patterns, which is why it’s so crucial to understand very critically your values, ideals, and motivations.

As of today Saturn remains within Aquarius, and today’s moon remains governed by a dignified Saturn.

What’s significant about today’s lunarly governance is that the sun meets up to Saturn today for its annual conjunction, which is a pretty big deal—especially so this year, for reasons beyond what I’ve just pointed out above. You can read about it here…

There’s a heaviness abound, and you can feel it everywhere.

Even in the most subtle of ways, this heaviness can either be experienced as reflective, demonstrative, directional, or through limitation… and either way, as well, there’s a heavy sense of uncertainty to be endured. In fact, the remaining days of this lunarly balsamic week may even feel somewhat stagnant, or stagnating toward that which is yet still unknown.

There’s a need to persevere—the new moon is on Sunday.

Today’s moon connects to Jupiter by square through a degree suggesting kindness, and nurturing… and generosity—with both ‘your time and resources…’

Then the moon moves on to square Chiron through a degree defending ‘formation and things coming into being…’ as this lunarly connection may even open, for you, the recognition of a new direction… further, you may even begin to observe an underlying patterning or cycle, or a different type of perspective altogether for the first time, or in a new light.

Take this as you will, though, however it is taken—should it be taken honestly and sincerely—will likely feel a smidge uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable in the way that misinterpretation is uncomfortable, as is resentment or undertones of anger…

And this is likely natural.

Perhaps the uncomfortably stagnated stuckness you may be currently feeling is preparing you toward something empowering, and restorative—particularly if you’re willing to take part in “large leaps of faith… can develop out of the smallest efforts of overcoming fear, distance, and superstition… being receptive, outreaching, and caring can shorten or even completely dispel the separation between you [and your heaviness…]”

This heavy discomfort… may you be able to mindfully analyze and understand it in an entirely new way—and may it open to you an entirely new light, and an entirely new potential…

Take a flying leap at the sun. Don’t let your thoughts weigh you down.

—Marty Rubin

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