Pisces New Moon at 1°22’—February 19

Today’s Piscean new moon is what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as the Dreamer’s Moon, a moon when, through Neptunian influence, “we dream…”

Kaldera reminds us that “Neptune likes the moon, which is also watery, changeable, and heels of boundaries… when the two of them get together, the result is a story about people who will never quite know where all their edges are…”

Despite this lunarly landscaping most particularly procured for dreaming—it may actually be a time when we are unable to tap into our imagination, or subconscious, or that peripheral neverland we can never quite capture… and, as Kaldera notes, “[our] relationships with people are fraught with problems…”

It’s a time when you’re largely unable to communicate verbally what you need or want, or even begin to understand it within your own mind.

It’s a time when it’s extremely, and ridiculously, difficult to articulate yourself in a way that genuinely expresses to others what you’re trying to convey.

As Kaldera forewarns, “this is not a time for concrete planning…”

It’s a time, obviously, for daydreaming—because with daydreaming it’s not necessary to articulate every detail.

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs is associated with ‘danger signs’, speaking to ‘self-preservation, and to the avoidance of unnecessary risks…’ with an emphasis upon conservation and conservativeness, ‘playing it safe, thinking things through carefully before acting, and having the courage to say no when the risks outweigh the benefits.’


And, as with many a daydream… discretion is advised.

Further, now is not the time to draw attention to yourself.

Further still, there may be distinct—or even more hidden and largely indistinct—feelings of threat… in one way or another, feeling threatened, or feeling the need—or preference—to hide, to require protections or feel the need to protect oneself in a vital way, likely whatever Pisces is within your chart. Consider the essence of the house within your nativity that Pisces governs, and then ask yourself what the underlying fears within this sector of your life are communicating to you, and consider how you might need to prepare yourself to feel the appropriate protections—ultimately, to best endure necessary nourishments through a more realistic reality-check.

What’s most important here, to understand, is that fear should not be the underlying essence… but rather, more reasonable probabilities or educated reasoning. Remember that fear is limiting, and has no business within the boundariless realms of Pisces—your daydreams likely harbor little fear, if any, nor should they.

On this note, former United States representative Millicent Fenwick was quoted to have said “never feel self-pity, the most destructive emotion there is—how awful to be caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self…”


Piscean energies all too often become clogged up in martyrdom and victimhood—which never solves or inspires anything.

This new moon occurs within the first decan of Pisces, a decan ruled by Saturn and governed by the 8 of cups—which is a card known to represent ‘reflection, moving on, new directions, letting go, downsizing, and restlessness…’

Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of this decan, that it is “The process of return, the beginning of the end of differentiated awareness… these faces show a fearful and ecstatic going back, a drunken stumbling home—or origin is, of course, not of this world, but what came before and lies afterward… our relationship with what lies beyond the boundaries.”

Further, Coppock comments that “it is a place where much will be left behind, for the expectations we enter this phase with are not those that we will leave with…”

This decan/card combination truly connects to this new moon through the celestial collaborations between Saturn and the moon—specifically toward, as mentioned above, the concepts of dream, dreams, dreaming and daydreaming, and the limitlessness of this very directed target within the imagination.

Ultimately, again, tarot writer TS Chang writes that “the 8 of cups teaches us perhaps the hardest lesson of all: to face our fears of the unknown.”

To the letting go of fear.

We typically don’t daydream about our fears—we daydream toward what could be if we forsake the hold of our fears…

Today’s moon, perhaps above all, regards realization.

Perhaps you’ll realize, much more honestly, your fears from a new perspective—a perspective allowing you to have more control over them… and with the 8 of cups, Chang writes that our realization will be within the realm “of emotions: what you’ve realized, here, is that you’re done—overwhelmed and saturated, you now know it’s time to move on…”

The 8 of cups “can be a place of great uncertainty and doubt—this is only a problem if you’re committed to following the plan at all costs… if you can, take a step back, leaving behind the eight cups’ worth of past assumptions… let go of the fear that: anything could happen, and open up to wonder, and to awe: indeed, anything could happen…”

There’s also something of an ultimately Celestial ultimatum occurring here—much like when you are cruel you attract cruelty back to yourself, or when you’re searching for love you love outwardly without expectation of anything in return—that when you forsake your potentials and keep them, selfishly, to yourself… you are forsaking, more or less, your own sense of personal purpose within the world at large, within your personal reality.

We are meant to share ourselves. We are meant to share our talents, our skills, gifts, and potentials.

Obviously, without a personal sense of purpose—Saturn’s realm—within the limitlessness of potentials… we grow depressive, lonely, haunted, and suffer melancholic bouts of directionlessness.

Without purpose, without direction—we suffer.

When we let go of our fears—the irrational ones and the ones that keep us small—our daydreams, much like with Walter Mitty, become a new reality to connect ourselves and our potentials with others… and maybe there’s no need to exactly articulate this immediately, at this time—maybe it’s more important, for now, here within this momentary Now, to imagine what our daydreams would look like when fears are infiltrated into them… and how they might, then, resemble the reality we’ve been so willing to remain limited by within our day-to-day.

And this is why we dream…

But this is also why some of us wake up and make the necessary changes to create a new reality for ourselves.

What do your dreams resemble?

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world…

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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