Pisces/Aries Crescent Moon—February 21

Some potentially aggressive shifts to navigate today…

Most of today’s lunarly energies remain in Pisces—until much later in the evening—before moving into Aries, connecting with Neptune in conjunction before this late night ingress.

But not before, very likely, being summoned—or asked, or told, ordered, or nudged—to get rid of anything still within your life that is no longer serving you, or serving your purpose… to really release—to honestly let go without struggle. Anything that is lacking when held up to your needs, your highest ideals, your sense of integrity. Anything remaining—anything undeserving—is energetically fraudulent, and thereby a violation of energy and personal alignment.

Would you continue to keep and water a dead plant?

Would you continue to sit in a car that no longer turns over?

Would you continue to carry around a favored pet which has passed?

You’ve got this energetic shifting, today, from contemplating your inner knowing and your actual needs, between your personal values and your highest ideals… into a deeper, more focused eye upon your goals and ideals—the ones that continue to resonate with your personal values and purpose.

The ones which still hold a charge—which are still vital, still alive, still resonating…

No more time for redundancies, for vacancies, for less than.

And obviously, as it’s Pisces energies likely struggling with this—compassion and empathy are necessary, and appreciated, and will likely make all of the difference for you. There is likely no need to barbarically begin throwing about the troublesome and unnecessary, the complicated and challenging…

Especially if you are, or someone you know is, struggling, comparing yourself and your journey to those of others… and ultimately withholding joy toward other’s journeys in happiness and success—it’s important, now, and perhaps always, though this will need to end, it may require a bit more patience and empathy with those struggling to see their light again, to be inspired, once again, to celebrate the thrills and joys of others… it’s such a powerfully magical role in energy.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this shift, that through this transition it’s a timely reminder, essentially, especially now, to ask yourself what it is you “still really believe in…”

Timely, it truly is, as this current transitioning is energetically pulsating, and vibrating, and emerging, and becoming. Especially so, as this first quarter of the year will be ever-shifting and churning, cracking open and breaking through—with Saturn moving into Pisces next month, as well as Pluto moving into Aquarius—everything will change, everything—and that which is no longer possessing vitality, or resonating for you, or pulsating in frequency, or representing itself in alignment with purity should not move forward with you…

There’s simply too much for you to do.

Perhaps most importantly—really knowing who you are, underneath it all, will be your light through to the other side of it all.

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Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go—purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything… whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.

—Tina Turner

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