Aries Crescent Moon—February 22

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Yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly popular…

I suppose the image, which I considered delightfully apropos, along with the actual content, was, I suppose, something many of you subconsciously know to be true—yet the actual reality of it is still something of an emotional hindrance…

Change can be challenging. The challenge, however, is toward yourself—the challenge is the openness to thriving.

It’s largely within the opening…

It needs to be declared—for the next new moon is in Aries, and this will mark the true beginning of the rest of your life, for as dramatically as that reads—it’s Aries energy, after all.

The sun remains in Pisces, until the equinox, to tend to all that will not serve you—to that which will not accompany you forward… and note that Mercury will move into Pisces on March 2nd—and into Aries on March 19th!-before the sun!—to assist in this transfer of resonance… everything will begin to change.

When all the planets are in assistance of a transition, it’s quite difficult to fight it.

Perhaps, for you, there is one single ending occurring—or maybe there are several, less effective details coming to an end, either naturally or unnaturally… or maybe, if you’re really the author of your own biography, and your resonating with the timing of things—you’re narrating your own character toward an entirely new plot, or challenge, or introducing new characters, or shifting the scene in a big way.

Because whatever is decaying, fighting for breath, or unable to fit naturally into the new narrative will only become a burden, and ultimately detract any potential that would be available to you if you had more energy for it.

If nothing is lacking vitality within your life, exactly—perhaps a behavior or perspective, belief or self-perpetuated limitation needs to be released.

The upcoming equinox is the astrological new year—buds are emerging, flowers are blooming—energy and vitality are reinvigorated, life restored and revived… any dead weight becomes fertilizer for growth.

In fact, overall, if you are struggling with something—particularly melancholy or depression—I would wonder, then, what exactly are you continuing to hold so tightly on to?

We are, indeed, within the thick of mutability—mutable being Latin mūtābilis for fickle, from mūtāre meaning to change.

Upon the equinox, when cardinality will reign—cardo being the Latin root—meaning to pivot, as does a hinge.

We have an entire month to begin emotionally preparing to actually act upon the changes we’re already attracting and/or struggling through. As philosopher John O’Donohue wrote “may my mind come alive today to the invisible geography that invites me to new frontiers, to break the dead shell of yesterdays, to risk being disturbed and changed…”

May your mind embrace this each day of this month.


Onto today’s moon…

Today’s moon remains in its Aries crescent phase, making several conjunctions through the length of the day—first, to Venus; then to Jupiter; and finally, to Chiron.

This is quite potently Aries-sourced illumination…

Ultimately, energy.

Energy is being illuminated.

Aries energies are so potently awakening—emergent, initiating, becoming, and quickening—and though some of these necessary changes you’ll eventually need to follow through upon may continue somewhat dormant, or otherwise stationary, or silently underlying… these changes are coming.

It’s time, then, to consider the wider, larger outline of your circumstances, of your changing narratives etc etc…

Does this outline, which is to connect to your more direct character—your values and long-range ideals—define you in a different way from what you’d like?

Are you happy with this outline?—this direct connection to your identity…

Do you feel whole?—or are you lacking those concepts that envelope wholeness, such as continuity, and depth, resilience, and connectedness…

Are you envisioning yourself appropriately?

Where are your limitations?—are these actual, or are they yours?

Are you willing to allow these limitations to define you?

Aries energies, particularly lunar energies, as well as today’s illuminations, inspire willpower—it’s time to begin taking more appropriate charge and authority over your livelihood.

Where within your own character or identity, within your values or ideals, or within your actuality or personal reality—where are you able to strengthen your potentials?

Where are you able to strengthen your sense of wholeness?

Where, precisely, did you forsake your own authority? Why?

What more do you need to lose to reignite your gumption?

All of this said, it is possible that these hibernating needs for actual change that are silently waiting within you may be waiting so as to be more maturely approached rather than so impulsively berated or misused.

Further, these hibernating longings for real and structural change within your personal narrative and reality is absolutely deserving of the highest level of maturity, consciousness, and functionality—as these directly represent your personal values and ideals, needs, and character… these are worth your time, efforts, resources, and highest respect.

Fears are inhibiting. Assumptions of failure, even more so.

Besides… how is it possible to fail in wholly fulfilling precisely who you truly, actually are?!

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.


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