Taurus Crescent Moon—February 25

Tomorrow’s first quarter moon in Gemini begins building today, through Taurus, through a conjunction to Uranus typically representing an erratic reaction through a degree describing the finding of ‘the right way to get your message across…’

How you go about getting what you want is largely the underlying essence of the energy you’re navigating today and tomorrow, and I would argue you’ve been navigating these inner twinges of personal confrontation for some time. Even further, and perhaps much more importantly—how you’re using your words to inform others of what you want or need.

Would it surprise you to learn that the very words you’ve always used, or feel more comfortable using, are the words that are not being heard, or are actually keeping you from what you’re wanting or needing?—have you ever tried expanding your vocabulary, or rearranging the components of your content?

Have you ever considered your tone?

Further still, your facial expressions matter, as does your body language… depending upon what you’re trying to convey, all of these details really matter to others—they’re either responded to, or rejected.

How clear are you when you verbally express who you really are with others?—how do you share yourself most naturally?

Or maybe—just maybe—you fail to reciprocate, or to take advice, to fully research your motivations, or underestimate other’s intentions… maybe you continue to overthink everything—or overthink the essence of what really matters.

You may be in need of a new approach, in one way or another.

In an honest attempt to answer these questions, today, you may struggle to agree with your inner knowing or higher mine, or, to rise above you egotistical perspectives… and oh, what a real trap this can be, particularly when you’re trying to forsake your ego, to abandon these impulses to self-sabotage. Obviously—always—it’s best to try to rise above these darker, harsher egoic impulses… though there may be an obstacle.

Remember, too—in regard to all of these issues, of egoic impulses and self-sabotage, body language, vocabulary, and how you express yourself, particularly in regard to verbalizing what you want—that above all, ultimately, is whether you know who you are…

Whether you genuinely understand your purpose.

Yet—you very likely understand quite clearly what you need.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.


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