Gemini 1st Quarter Moon at 8°27’—February 26

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to this annual moon as the Liar’s Moon, or the Moon of the Evil Twins, a moon when we “examine painfully and honestly all the ways we slant our words to more effectively get what we want… and the consequences north for doing and for not doing that” or, in other words, the ways we even inadvertently lie to others toward our benefit or gain.

It’s also a moon when we (re)examine all the ways in which we lie to ourselves.

Further, Kaldera writes that our “experimentations reach a crisis as [we] decide that words can mean anything they want and can be used to get anything… the Twins finally get to the point where there is no more naked straightforward truth… they justify their actions with other small lies—people are easily hurt by the truth, and they are happier when you soften it…”

Kaldera continues, that this moon inspires a time when we question these parameters, these lessons the Evil Twins have learned, and to ask ourselves where ‘the line between truth and imagination’ lands, and that “storytelling is just another form of lie, and everyone loves it…”

Like the Bible.

But now—most crucially—the Twins begin lying and ‘storytelling’ to one another…

Today’s lesson, then, is to pinpoint precisely the lies we tell others, the lies we tell ourselves, and perhaps most importantly, the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves—for ourselves or for others. Kaldera suggests pinpointing the personal weakness within yourself that you’re, however subconsciously, choosing to lie in an effort to protect yourself against… and to then consider the strength you’re actually denying yourself.

Interestingly, then, that today’s first quarter moon occurs through a degree that describes survival…

What are you telling yourself that so crucially hinges upon your ability to cope with something, or ignore something else?

This degree speaks to ‘a sensitivity to personal opportunity, initiative, and an individual’s ability to know what it is that he wants or needs and go after it…’

Perhaps you’re still struggling to identify exactly what you need?—maybe you’re lying to yourself about what you need?—or maybe you are very aware of your need, but you’re not fully clear as to how to go about strategizing your plans to obtain your need…. and as today’s energies are all about aiming at this metaphorical target—your aim is everything.

As is the truth.

And it’s quite probable that what you need is requiring your communication—your honesty— requiring your words, to communicate to another your need, to verbally announce what you need and what you’re worth… and as a proverb assures, ‘talking without thinking is like shooting without taking aim.’

It requires some real audacity to lie—particularly to oneself.

Perhaps any audacity could be strained or distilled into a particular way of confidence, or even natural flare of moxie?—and these qualities, role-played or God-given, often endure much farther than does audacity.

This first quarter moon occurs within the first decan of Gemini, which is associated with the 8 of swords in the tarot.

This decan is very much about division—within itself as well as within the world at large in regard to duality… and a decan within which astrologer Austin Coppock writes “betokening a situation where one is paralyzed by an overabundance of options…”

And the 8 of swords is inherently associated with indecision.

This is likely the more ideal conundrum…

The 8 of swords ‘symbolizes that feeling of being trapped by your circumstances… you—and only you—can free yourself.’

If you’re seeking an answer to something—you likely already know the answer—and perhaps you’re in need of rephrasing your question or need to move on. Typically, in a tarot arrangement—upon drawing this card you draw an additional card to retrieve a more accurate assessment…

So in this case—I’m recommending you ask yourself—and don’t lie to yourself! Or, should someone approach you with a question—tell them the truth!

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of this card that “you’re probably unable to do exactly what you want… recognize there is probably a reason for this,” and identify this reason, and go from there… and “whatever you do, don’t just keep worrying at the problem in the hopes you can change it through sheer cussed persistence—it won’t work—not unless you back off and do something first.”

Instead of drawing an additional card—ultimately, identifying where Mercury is, because Mercury rules today’s first quarter moon and governs the first decan is informative—identifying that Mercury is currently moving through a degree within Aquarius that represents uniqueness… and so, in other words, it may be useful to you to understand your circumstances, honestly, and should today’s events resonate, to regard your You-ness in consideration to whatever inner or outer dilemmas you may be navigating… when you’ve pinpointed what precisely sets you apart from others in a most brightest light, you’ll likely see quite clearly why lies are useless, and protections—unnecessary, as well.

If there is darkness within your honesty—this should be appropriately regarded, as well… and illuminated through shadow work.

What you’ll likely begin to understand, then—should you choose honesty as the best policy—that you are your own narration, your own creation, your own learning curve, your own story to tell one page at a time… a biography of experience and wisdom, lessons, and horizons—unlike any other—a biography just as thick with duality and blurred realities as the Bible… your very own version of personal perspectives of events from which others will never really know the truth about anyway either.

And after all, what is a lie? ‘Tis but the truth in masquerade…

—Lord Byron

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