Gemini Gibbous Moon—February 27

Paul Simon’s 2004 song ‘Rewrite’ sings that he’s “workin on [his] rewrite—that’s right—gonna change the ending…”

Further, the lyrics inform the listener that he’s “gonna throw away the title—and toss it in the trash/[that] every minute after midnight—all the time [he’s] spending, is just for workin on [his] rewrite—gonna turn it in for cash…”

Today’s a day to begin editing your personal narrative.

Today’s a day to begin working on your rewrite…

A day to consider something from a new and unfamiliar perspective… to entertain, even embrace, a new thought—perhaps your inner child will even chime in with a request or three.

You’re in much more of an informed environment to more firmly stick to your priorities, as well as to stay on topic, to keep on point, and to sustain your agreements, obligations, and personal responsibilities.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that “some things don’t need to be said or are counterproductive to the goal… which is where you have to start.”

What’s the best, most ideal way to impress your point upon another?—and where is a rewrite within your personal reality needing prioritized?

Learning from directly personal experience may absolutely be of much effectiveness for you now—though it is important not to compare the past toward the future, as this is not at all the point… rather, this past perspective is only necessary in regard to the wisdom gleaned from the experience—not the procedure, protocol, or process, or even the purpose.

Further, this degree suggests:

‘Surprises, destiny shocks, stunning events present a way to evolve rapidly for the daring and the wild. Whatever you assume and prepare for, the moment shall be different. Nothing is meant to be straightforward here. You must be kept on the alert, prompted, beguiled, tricked—anything to help you leap off. The biggest trick is to identify consciously with an innocent, youthful, almost hopelessly ingenuous persona and then to magnetize a destiny that would never come to such a basic kind of person. This way, the edge, the tension, the joke is perfectly poised, stretched just far enough to trip you up every time. The greater self finds its ways to get at a little self who wants to hide in safe places, when instead a much larger destiny is in the works—which insists upon knocking at your door, preferably a back door or side door, to jump right in, scare the living daylights out of you, and wake you up for the next scintillating adventure along a vast and unlimited spectrum…’

The moon’s conjunction to Mars, then, too, suggests a separation—even further beyond the separating between past and present—and so this might suggest, much as within the lyrics: throwing away the title and throwing it in the trash.

Which brings us back around to the question:

Today’s a day to begin working on your rewrite…

Letting go of beliefs and perspectives, opinions, or superstitions, as well as theories, learned behaviors, childhood conditioning, or familial legacies that simply no longer serve or benefit your personal narrative… and rewrite new additions within your personal relationship or environment—and change the details that ultimately connect to the ending, according to your ultimate goals, values, and ideals.

Today’s moon will also connect to the building Venus in Aries stellium buildup, beginning tomorrow with Venus connecting to Vesta in conjunction… more on this tomorrow at jamiejames.substack.com

Rebels revel in rewriting reality’s restrictions.

—Ryan Lilly

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