Gemini/Cancer Gibbous Moon—February 28

Today’s moon shifts from Gemini to Cancer, and so our efforts in rewriting our narratives shift from literal, to emotional—maybe even to the triggering of the preferential.

Today’s energies begin with an objectively honest acknowledgement, however personal, toward that which is becoming excessively unnecessary. Further, this acknowledgement holds the potential to further expand your consciousness and raise your frequency, and increasing your ability to reconcile yourself with varying disconnections.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of the gibbous moon as the phase when we “move into a role that is both something [we] have the aptitude for and something that is challenging… and in moving through it, will find [our] way upward; [we] will work hard to perfect something precious to [us]… we are still struggling on the gibbous moon, but it is a struggle toward a goal and not merely a fight to keep from slipping backward into a pit—it is a time of applied, conscientious effort in the face of obstacles.”

Kaldera promotes that upon the gibbous moon, whatever transpires or triggers alike is neither all-good or all-bad, but rather, simply necessary.

Further still, there may be something of a crucial acknowledgement toward the personal accounting of that which is no longer beneficial to your highest values and/or personal well-being.

In tandem with what is currently building within Aries between Venus and Vesta, Jupiter, and Chiron—and you can read about this here—today’s lunar illuminations are pinpointing, for you, “the desire to attempt or achieve something that currently seems out of your reach or distant in some way…”

Further, “with this emergence it is possible that you may not feel comfortable… [either] choosing to shift into the corporate and commercial world; it may be the housewife who seeks to break out; or it may be the dreamer who chooses to put their dreams into practice and makes a killing in business—there can be the worry of not having much in the way of financial resources or conventional accreditation—although one’s gut instincts can see things through, hard work and changes of perspective are probably needed…”

Additionally, the moon is aspecting Saturn through the anaretic twenty-ninth degree—a degree associated with an ‘inability to understand one’s own or others’ emotions because of being too objective…’ while instinctive emotions are exponentially heightened… and thereby, possibly not as easily accessible.

And then, of course, the moon moves into the ever-so personal subjectivities of Cancer… to become ensconced within the nostalgic depths of our own directly personal opinions and preferences, memories, and feelings of vulnerability—and almost too much emotionality to consider.

Instead of dwelling—or becoming triggered—try, instead, to dig more deeply and attempt to understand why.

It’s essential now to understand your inner workings so that you may more effectively and appropriately utilize your potentials, aiming to be in realignment with your inner knowing and to actively reconcile with your instincts.

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Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.

—Agatha Christie

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