Virgo Gibbous Moon—March 6

Today offers the moon/Mercury opposition I prepared you for several days ago—and this opposition may invite restrictions, however invisible…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon, of its lesson, “is to learn, slowly and painfully, that people and relationships—even the messiest and most untidy of them—are equally as valuable as order and peace…”

Despite of the irrationality inherent within our personalities.

Further, Kaldera explains that “removing the human influence from one’s life, even when that influence seems like nothing more than a big pain in the ass, is missing the point and the lesson… sooner or later it becomes clear that if you want people to respect your boundaries, your setting of them must be not only firm but also respectful, even if you’re not feeling like those particular people are worthy of much respect at the moment…”

Ultimately, Kaldera concludes that “criticisms must be phrased a certain way or you might as well be talking to yourself.”

The needs of others will need to be considered today—whether or not it’s easy, convenient, rational, or even appreciated. Also, however relevant this may or may not be—today’s considerations may very much be in relation to the women in your lives.

And so, you may very well ‘feel held back or restricted in some way…’ as others may be, or become, a bit more demanding, needy, or criticizing—perhaps more dramatically than usual.

Still… this is precisely an opportunity to reassess your priorities, boundaries, personal values, and limitations… as this represents ‘a refusal to acknowledge limitation as anything but opportunity.’

In fact, ‘karmic confrontations between the creatively integrated and the unevolved’ are absolutely heightened in probability today—particularly if those you’re dealing with today behave as though they’re entirely unaware of whatever it is you’re trying to share, put across, explain, or describe…

Perhaps today’s ultimate lesson is one of restraint, however impulsively instinctive it is not…

Perhaps, more specifically so.

However you choose to share yourself today—explain, describe, or express yourself—keep consequences in mind.

Particularly when tomorrow’s full moon speaks of an eruption… which will likely be something that requires more of your attention.

The power of attention is much greater than the force of self-restraint.

—Charles Eisenstein

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