Virgo Full Moon At 16°40’—March 7

Today’s full moon will illuminate something of an aggressively dominant theme throughout the month—initiating this theme through a degree that associates itself with eruptions and/or explosions…

Further, “this could turn out to be an unforgettable day [or month]… tension that has been building could climax in a crisis…” and, of course, most thankfully, today’s Virgoan aspect within this arrangement will need to clean up the mess—or inspire a reasonable response or understanding.

Today’s full moon also, perhaps most importantly, occurs in tandem with Saturn moving into Pisces—which absolutely resonates in a most simultaneousness of association…

Today we most overwhelmingly and dutifully acknowledge our obligations to others, as well as overall, and reassess the priorities we assign to, and the boundaries and/or limitations we put upon, these varied obligations…

These obligations we hold to others—these obligations that keep us connected to others.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon that it is a good time “to render service to others”, particularly toward services “that are concerned with helping people become independent…”

These obligations we hold—those we hold both to ourselves, as well as those we hold to keep connected to others in whatever ways—will likely feel much more dramatic, perhaps dramatically enhanced… if not fully outbursting or explosively erupting in some manner.

How might you express yourself in more meaningful or constructive ways?

Boundaries—and the need for them—are becoming more and more necessary…

Claiming appropriate and healthy boundaries, particularly within relationship, is not only a mature and balanced way to maintain individuality and a reasonable sense of independence, but also an enlightened way to express to another that their boundaries and personal space is also valuable, and thereby worth recognizing and respecting.

Further, sometimes our service includes the minding of our own boundaries… so much so that minding our own business is in our best interest.

Particularly should these boundaries become threatened by a ‘dramatically powerful and volatile display of force that goes beyond normal or expected boundaries due to a massive buildup of internal pressures…’ or, in other words, should your boundaries be trespassed by your own anger, or threatened by another’s actions, or otherwise ‘bringing to the surface of previously hidden or unknown potential.’

Some descriptions of the degree through which today’s full moon occurs include ‘chains of command between the superego, ego and id; the ego as it organizes thought and life; and trying to control a situation…’

Speaking of which, ‘somebody or something may have been holding things inside until a powerful force has built up to the point where there can be no more resistance and everything is thrown, spewed, or forced out… it is often best just to let it blow—[though] things can get out of control very quickly…’

Overreaction may be a severe understatement today.

Further expressions include ‘thoughts or ideas pouring out; anger needing expressed; eruptions that are quickly overcome; waiting for the dust to settle; cathartic release…’

Today’s full moon event occurs within the second decan of Virgo, which is associated with the 9 of pentacles in the tarot.

Keeping in mind that the moon, which is to say the disruptively explosive mood we or another may be nurturing, holds no dominating potency here—though Mercury is exalted—and so that which truly needs expressed will likely indeed find a way to be expressed.

For better or worse…

What are the more constructive and healthy ways you might express your needs that do not impinge on another’s boundaries?

What are ways in which you can effectively convey your needs to another—particularly if you feel they are not being met?

What words would be most strategically compelling?

Further, the 9 of pentacles—associated with the wealth of abundances, such as gain, prosperity, and all things associated with the good life—can also represent an emerging reality for which attentions toward an awareness can no longer be ignored: ultimately, that something is missing…

And perhaps this is also a point of contention through which to express such emotional eruptions?

Before true abundance can be received, or available, what precisely is missing?—and what is the most efficacious way of expressing this void?

Also possible fuel for eruptions—issues and/or realities of privilege…

Just as possible—reputation.

Should you choose to erupt… have you considered the potential reaction you’ll receive?—have you properly defined what this word and/or action means to you?—might it be more beneficial to you to choose to define an emotional outburst as simply a boundaried animated expression?

Choose your words wisely.

And choose your outbursts even more wisely.

The volcano tends to move on… those that witness an eruption are more likely to be stunned for some time.

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The paradox of volcanoes was that they were symbols of destruction but also life. Once the lava slows and cools, it solidifies and then breaks down over time to become soil—rich, fertile soil. She wasn’t a black hole, she decided. She was a volcano. And like a volcano she couldn’t run away from herself. She’d have to stay there and tend to that wasteland. She could plant a forest inside herself.

—Matt Haig

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