Scorpio Disseminating Moon—March 11

We’re being pulled in to be fully immersed within the depths of Scorpio today and tomorrow.

We had a single day of a Scorpio disseminating moon last on February 12th and we’ll have another two again through March 7th and 8th…

It’s a moon when, as slamming astrologer Raven Kaldera writes, “we confront our powerlessness.”

Through today, tomorrow, and through those dates in March mentioned above—it’s a time to explore and (re)assess how you utilize your personal power.

In what ways are you sharing your power?

In what ways are you hoarding your power?

In what ways are you sabotaging your power?

In what ways are you doubting your power?

It’s a time to go deep—deep beneath the surface of your innermost squishy stuff. Deep into your inner knowing…

It’s a time to be brutally honest with yourself.

In fact, due to the moon’s influence today, you may even be “alluded to an unshakable determination to investigate or explore every opportunity, unravel every unsolved mystery, and get directly to the notion of things…”

Self-improving efforts are essential now. As is challenging our innermost self in ways that may even feel uncomfortable—or at the very least, unfamiliar.

It’s a time to get under the surface of your protective covers—and even more so as we move through the third decan of Pisces—and today and tomorrow will actually be a truly ideal time to utilize these energies, as both logic and reason will be far from mind, and heart—and you can read about that here…

Don’t you believe that there is in man a deep so profound as to be hidden even to him in whom it is?

—St Augustine

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