Scorpio Disseminating Moon—March 12

There’s a lot of planetary collaborating occurring through this transitional week, and you can read more about these collaborations here and here…

Though, as this post translates that which the moon illuminates–and thereby, how our moods may indeed fluctuate throughout—it is still essential for you to be aware of, and understand, this larger overall perspective—linked above—of what’s occurring underneath it all… mood be damned.

Further, in regard to the moon, today’s moon is disseminating, which shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes thereof, that “the soul gets a wake-up call that brings it out of its self-absorbed cocoon…”

What you have learned, essentially, since the new moon is now surfacing to be shared.

It need not be necessary to so explicitly share your experience—nor any other private reality or memory needs be exploited or re-conjured… but the lessons and wisdoms you’ve earned through the experience is asking to be communicated… and this time, through a Scorpio-charged voice or tone.

While the moon is in Scorpio, we tend to go inward—not outward toward others to be open enough to share much of anything…

Though when anything is shared—it is always extreme.

Scorpio energies tend to otherwise be closed off—guarded—and protected against that which lies beyond personal boundaries, as well as that which lies within ourselves. In Scorpio, the moon—and therefore an energy of constant movement and fluctuating—is somewhat taken hostage, protected of its own feelings and fluctuations, and attempts to control these emotionally charged potentials toward instability and loss of control… to be open, to a Scorpio moon, is to feel powerless.

Which is another layer of extreme…

So sharing—with others, while emotionally submerged within the depths of your own personal psyche—becomes a tricky dynamic.

Further yet, this is a moon that is asking you to explore and reassess your own potentials and actualities of powerlessness—and personal power—and then share these with others so that another can (hopefully) empower themselves…

The sharing, though, requires you to open.

And beyond the moon, as I mentioned above, there is much occurring, energetically speaking, that is more than willing to explore and assess such openness and sharing—particularly in an effort to empower yourself, to heal, and to exercise a most necessary self-care process that will only become more and more essential as we navigate ourselves into the future.

Your inner knowing, now, is trying to gain your attention—and perhaps it’s even trying to gain your trust…

Your inner knowing has something vital to share with you, if you’re only open to receive.

Your inner knowing is only clear when you’ve opened to much more than the willingness to receive this message—but willingly opened to much more than that which exists beyond yourself…

You cannot be afraid to change or pivot when your gut, or inner knowing, tells you to make a change. It is the illusion of fear or inability to adapt to change that prevents us from moving forward. If you have the desire to change your life, your circumstances, your perspectives, hold fast to your inner commitments and listen to your inner knowing.

—Victoria L White

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