Sagittarius Disseminating Moon—March 13

Reflection is heavily suggested today… heavily warranted, heavily recommended, heavily promoted, heavily presumed, heavily likely…

In fact, beyond reflection—or perhaps within a centered state of reflection—the emphasis, today, falls upon ‘the inner strength that derives from not placing either negative or positive values on experience during any immediate crisis…’

All you can hope to do—today, and ever—is to do your best.

To do your best… and reflect back on past experiences from which to learn—and then intend to apply.

Last week was one hell of a week for many… and we are continuing to navigate a very transitional week—and today’s moon does nothing but square Saturn: this much needed reflection will likely feel somewhat heavy, and maybe even negatively-toned… yet, it might be incredibly enlightening—and this will be the catch. Again, to share your wisdoms through a Sagittarian tone—what you share with others, or have to offer, will now feel much more philosophical, and maybe even a little righteous—and thereby completely, subjectively implied. Either way.

And likely not exactly relevant, or even very helpful.

Philosophically or righteously toned reflections, then, could easily bombard opportunities to share in an effort of understanding—however, typical Sagittarian energies tend to naturally resist memories from the past as they are often typically impatiently painful, and oftentimes remembered inaccurately, dramatically so… and this would create much more of an emotionally-driven reflection, which negates the celestial suggestion of remaining emotionally neutral—of finding that place within you that is emotionally balanced, emotionally resilient.

Basically—possessing an ability to reflect back to that which is painful, uncomfortable, heavy, and/or disappointing and possess an honest ability to confront the opportunity to reflect more meaningfully a new level of understanding toward your experiences, to appropriately apply actively within your current reality… this is the essence of today’s energies.

Otherwise—if you’re unable to navigate your reflections constructively—maybe just keep yourself busy with busyness, additional responsibilities, and/or maybe-another-day obligations.

Because one way or another—you’ll have something heavy to hold today… or something heavy to remember.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it…

—George Santayana

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