Aquarius Balsamic Moon—March 18

Something may be off today.

Something unexpected could occur today.

Something not only unexpected, but entirely random.

Something could actually throw you for a bit of a loop today.

Something might even alarm you in a manner that triggers sudden responses of defenses, protections and/or securities.

Try not to take anything to levels of paranoia or suspicion, or exaggeration… if it’s not actually necessary.

Try, instead, to reassure yourself of that which you are sure of, what you do know, what/who you can trust, and toward where your confidences do fall. And lean into these…

Also, are you getting enough sleep?—this could be a detail.

What you need more than ever today is to let your guard down—not to feel the need to raise it up.


Something may be off today.

Before we are alarmed, we see correctly; when we are alarmed, we see double; and when we have been alarmed, we see nothing but trouble.

—Alexandre Dumas

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