Aquarius/Pisces Balsamic Moon—March 19

Today the balsamic moon connects to Saturn in conjunction—for the first time within Pisces…

The balsamic moon moves into Pisces from Aquarius quite early… and when in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, the balsamic moon becomes all that much more… balsamic.

Which is to say—it may feel as though the drain in the tub has been pulled and the water has turned cold—very low energy and very low drive… other than seeking warmth and dryness most instinctively. Except today—dryness and warmth may not be so readily available…

And there may also be a very low focus and/or awareness toward the physical boundaries of one’s personal parameters, as likely too much attentive presence is being experienced within—within one’s inner energetic realms. Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, through this moon, that it’s a moon to find a way to experience All That Is… to find ways to connect—without actually connecting.

And now that Saturn is moving in Pisces, the moon’s monthly experiences within Pisces will feel differently through May of 2025… if Saturn in Pisces, overall, symbolizes a personal responsibility toward trigger points and sensitivities—the moon illuminating these, now, on a monthly basis will either perpetuate a heavy burden to contend with or repress… or inspire a strengthened inner character over the course of the next two years, and beyond.

Last time the moon connected to Saturn in conjunction, back on February 19th, Saturn was still in Aquarius.

Today’s first Piscean moon/Saturn conjunction occurs through a degree that challenges you to be present…

Painfully present.

To be present in a more physical, actual, present way—not just energetically and/or psychically.

This particular degree illuminates “paying attention to signs that indicate all is not well…”

Preventions, precautions, and self-preservations are needed.

Discretions and discrimination…


I can’t help but feel as though yesterday’s energies were something of an introduction to today’s energies of concern, or, at the very least, off-ness.

Whether or not yesterday’s energies are in tandem with today—through a more awakened awareness of surroundings and details—there may also, however, be an inner pull to hide away in some capacity… to go/remain within, seemingly protected. Or to entirely let go.

Perhaps the caution will be directed toward an inner triggering, particularly if Saturn is already beginning to apply its weights upon that which triggers you or hurts… especially if you are ‘fretting about your position or future’ in some way. Further, ‘there may be a sense of aggression in the air… sometimes the ‘enemy’ is actually not really there, and we make it up through fear or paranoia…’

Ultimately, “to be cautious is to be wise, but hiding oneself away can lead to missed opportunities for any kind of nourishment and the possibility of freedom…”

One of the rules of caution is not to be too cautious…

—Bahya ibn Paquda

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