Aries Crescent Moon—March 22

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Today’s fresh new crescent moon moves through Aries, connecting to Chiron, Jupiter, and the asteroid Vesta along the way…

Today’s moon is sparkling, hopeful, shameless, and inspired.

Today’s moon is a moon where, according to shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera, “we focus on our goals and on our ideals…”

Today is a powerful day—particularly if you know what you want, if you know where you’re headed.

If you feel as though you are lacking in some way—particularly toward dramatic, sweeping changes and initiatives, new adventures and/or breakaways—or that you aren’t ready, coming upon changes too late, or are simply feeling overly exhausted, or uninspired… give yourself a break. Take a day.

If any of those circumstances are accurate—try invoking awe…

Remember, too, that these necessary changes—for you—could be as ‘simple’ as changing your mind or perspective about something, changing your beliefs toward something… sure, this is something of a symbolic surgery of sorts—and still, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only release and emergence and liberation.

Much of what these heavily emerging Aries energies are attempting to remind us, essentially, is that these changes you willingly, willfully, trustingly, and intentionally take on and commit yourself to through this next week are very much about—most thoroughly—being yourself, trusting yourself, experiencing yourself, and sharing yourself.

As Mother Nature seeks to nurture all new growth that emerges from the soil, the Universe is supporting your moves, however unplanned, unorganized, or unexpected.

Today is very much a day of acknowledging this precipice we stand upon, in whatever way this is being experienced by you personally, and acknowledging the endings and the beginnings…

Everything has changed, everything is changing, and everything is about to change… everything is happening everywhere, all at once—and you have a seat at the table.

It’s time to share who you are. It’s time to emerge.

It’s time for more…

Simply growing ‘up’ is far too limited. Rather, I want to grow in every direction.

—Craig D Lounsbrough

🖋 by Jamie James
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