Taurus/Gemini Crescent Moon—March 25

Francis Bacon once stated that “a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds…”

Opportunity could be lingering about today… though, much as Bacon observed, these opportunities may not be available in ways you might prefer.

The earlier portion of the day continues to inspire one to absorb, nourish, and reconcile further from yesterday’s energies… and then, once the moon moves into Gemini, I think it’ll be somewhat tangible, as the more heavily obvious opportunistic metaphorical/symbolical ‘lights’ go off.

This, too, could resemble something of—rather than lights going off—an energetic crossing over occurring…

In fact, you may even feel something of a ‘heightened awareness [toward] the need to take timely action or seize the moment when it arises, if the opportunity is not to be lost…’

Though, as Paulo Coelho said, “how much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it…”

And today’s energies may not conjure such readymade opportunities to simply snag—again, today’s probabilities are more likely to conjure the clarity of consciousness and creativity, and actively conjuring the motivation to create a most personalized opportunity.

Strategic movements would be best, of course—those supported in objectivity and discernment, with a healthy dose of emotional detachment, particularly toward opportunities not perfectly fitting for you. Today’s degrees emphasize ‘discrimination’ toward distinguishing precisely this—the opportunities that fit your ideal, and those that do not.

Today is much more about the opportunities you make for yourself…

Further, as the lights begin going off—using the light to see.

If you’re looking, and in looking—really seeing what’s before you—you’ll also see entirely new perspectives, and which perspectives could be available to you to strategize further toward your goals or ideals… these new perspectives are lighting up simultaneous to, and in tandem with, whatever new perspectives you’re already encountering.

Sometimes simply changing your mind—your perspective—opens you to an opportunity that is now available to you, and it suddenly appears… an opportunity to change your life and/or social positioning, allowing you to express yourself in entirely new ways.

It’s important, however, to see clearly…

It’s important, too, to understand that these opportunities—those you create as well as those you simply stumble upon—will require your work and efforts, actions and determination.

Finally, Mars moves into Cancer today after being in Gemini since August of 2022… you can read more about this ingress here.

Do not despise your own place and hour. Every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world.

—John Burroughs

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