Gemini Crescent Moon—March 27

The moon applies a building square to Neptune all day, exacting sometime after 6:30pm here on the west coast—after 9:30pm on the east coast…

This square, to Neptune of all planets, while moving through Gemini, of all signs, is not the easiest of the moon’s moods… or functionalities.

And this is a crescent moon, and so this is just the beginning of a new lunar cycle…

The degree through which this awkward aspect meets describes a ‘temporary setback…’ of interruptions, temporary losses or delays, and the upsetting of plans, principles, and priorities, and the overall smooth flow of things.

If you’re willing to embrace transition and flexibility, realignment and repurposing is available… though you’ll still likely need to wait for whatever it is you’re needing or wanting, particularly in any capacity of forward movement.

Perhaps in the interim you could find ways to relax, recuperate, or restore your motivations and recharge your energy?

Remember that this transition occurring currently, within the seasonal shift from winter to spring, as well as within the overall transformation occurring underneath it all—between the current No Longer and upcoming Not Yet as the Now and Thereafter emerges… an honest assessment toward that which become rendered as fruitless, to a current fading need for withdrawal to recharge and take more time to look inward and acknowledge growth…

And now we’re approaching a time of new beginnings and/or renewed intentions, motivations, or developments in further, eventual growth.

Inner growth may not be acknowledged until later, as well—to be understood more appropriately at a delayed time and place.

Still, “using this time to make plans for the future and to test possibilities—it is a good time to pull back and observe how others are coping and consider how to help them or have them help you…” most of all because there may be more questions than answers—particularly the severe lack of answers worth anything soaked of accuracy or truth—which may become a bit confusing…

And a Gemini moon, overall, may become quite frustrated with so many potentials for delay, interruption, or setbacks… preferring, instead, to be able to move about smoothly and freely with a real need for answers—and explanations and/or recollections and simple messages or translations —that simply aren’t available at this time.

Not to mention Mars now moving through the first degree of Cancer… talk about a new incentive for frustration when needing to move in any way but forward quickly and efficiently.

Tomorrow’s 1st quarter Cancer moon will separate from Mars by conjunction before perfecting, perfecting through a degree describing taking advantage—perhaps in taking advantage of this frustrated probability for delays and setbacks?—to better utilize time constructively and even productively… though, there will also likely be something of a disappointment, or a inherent flaw, or otherwise inability to obtain an unobtainable.

We’ll touch upon more of this tomorrow…

To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.

—TF Hodge

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