Cancer 1st Q Moon At 8°09’—March 28

A disappointment, an inherent flaw, or otherwise inability to obtain the unobtainable… this is where we left off yesterday.

That’s Cancer dependability for you.

When the moon moves into Cancer energy—we can typically depend on disappointments to emerge upon most sensitive realms and/or layers of consciousness, as much as we can depend upon the discovery of, or most egregiously damaging exploration thereof, a most personally grounded flaw…

What is to be obtained exactly?—particularly today?

That which is unobtainable, overall…

Perhaps, most specifically for today, this may look like—or feel like—the, in whatever way most emotional, obtaining of a most healthy degree of… release.

I know, that reads strangely—to obtain release—and will likely feel that much more foreign, as well, which, ironically, Cancerian energies most certainly disdain… that which is unfamiliar.

The moon seeks to keep, and Cancer needs to keep… yet, today, upon this first quarter aspecting, we need to release.

Before this first quarter moon is exact it connects to Mars, newly in Cancer, by conjunction, and then nearly immediately thereafter, connects to Saturn, newly in Pisces, by trine… illuminating, somewhat, the first conversation between Mars and Saturn within these new elemental energies. Of course, this conversation is exact Thursday—though today’s lunar first quarter moon, in Cancer, represents its own conversations of sorts, understood only after the moon’s connections to these pivotal planetary placements.

This conversation between Mars and Saturn, by trine, occurs through a degree that, from Mars’ perspective, motivates individualism and determination, as well as “the urge to break free from some frustrating situation… someone you know setting out alone in an entirely new direction,” while, from Saturn’s perspective, secured the need for survival, accenting “stumbling blocks to progress… having to deal with problems of what to do with things and ideas you held onto that have outworn their usefulness…”

This conversation emboldens the need to release.

Today’s quite cardinal urgency of energy—particularly through securities of survival—will likely support that which is problematic.

Should you choose to keep anything—keep space for something new, a space most polished and prepared to embrace new opportunities and potentials… especially if this conversation—however metaphorically—jabs at your squish a bit more directly than what is otherwise preferred…

Releasing is not always so easy, or so simple. I get it.

And otherwise, either way, this is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera titles the Weeping Moon, as it’s a moon that is ‘painful’, even ‘especially traumatizing…’ as it’s a moon when “we weep…”

Kaldera writes, “there are other, alternate paths that this sad story can take, of course—in some versions of the story, the family reveals itself not to be loving but dysfunctional… or in other versions, staying in the dysfunctional family or continually returns to it after having been repeatedly driven away… whichever it is, the betrayal of [this moon] is that the idealized image of family is shattered and it will never be the same again to the child’s mind…”

Further, “the only way out from behind the walls is to become brave enough to look for small bits of happiness, a little at a time, until they nourish the soul enough for it to open up…”

Small moves.

Small releases.

If you’re not actually releasing anything, or needing to at this time, and if you’re not actually breaking free—but perhaps being broken away from… you may be experiencing this time as a painful time of remembrance, the remembrance of What Was Once Upon a Time.

The degree through which today’s first quarter moon occurs is reaching out to layers of curiosity…

It is important to consider taking a chance… to “think positively… and guard against telling yourself all the reasons why something won’t work or why you can’t succeed—don’t let fear stop you…”

You’re within the emotional midst of a new experience.

What is and isn’t possible within your current personal reality is not yet known… and lower vibrational, egoically motivated acts of impulse, however probable now, however defensively justified, are not at all in any way what is needed at this time.

And perhaps actions of this nature need to be released…

What today is about, most inherently, is growth.

Most specifically and crucially—the kind of growth that hurts.

Naïveté should be released, regardless of however ‘sweet’ it may be referred to by those who care for you… and as naively as this may read—this moon, beyond its painful growth spurt, is about lightheartedness, and the effortlessness of what reaching out toward life’s pulse should feel like… to expand.

There’s that expression, the proverb, that states ‘the cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet…’ meaning that the life source is enjoyed without the sacrifice of discomfort—and this proverb very effectively and succinctly highlights a very valuable observation…

Are you unnecessarily finding your paws in the water?

Today’s first quarter moon occurs within the first decan of Cancer—a decan that is associated with the 2 of cups of the tarot…

First of all, the 2 of cups is a card within the watery realm of Everything Considered, describing connections and compromises.

Where exactly, precisely, and most essentially—emotionally is the give and take within your circumstances?

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of the 2 of cups, that it emphasizes an acknowledgement of emotions… “referring both to feelings explicit enough to act on and to the relationship between two people…”

Further, Chang writes that the 2 of cups is subtle in its beauty… “offer to smother your respect and your benefit of the doubt, for you are strangers… you may come to realize that courtesy is only a mask worn by great love—beneath what you think you know…”

Chang points out these masks, as these recent Gemini crescent moon exploited… “you may find yourselves to secretly be lovers, family, fast friends, or even your very own self in disguise…”

Another guise of today’s lunarly vibration, its internet need to release, and its probable essence of hurting in some way, regardless—the kind of growth that hurts a bit… is projection.

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card that “we’ve projected our earliest unmet needs into a partner, and for awhile they appear to be able to meet them—but then they break from that script, diverge from the psychic blueprint we’ve laid over them, and now the honeymoon’s over.., hearts grow frightened and contract, relationships dissolve, people part ways…”

Dore offers curiosity as an antidote.

To possess a curiosity beyond what you know—beyond your comfort zone, beyond your familiarity of anything…

Further, “these invisible trades we do with people we’re close to are sometimes copacetic, and sometimes deeply problematic… in the latter case, it’s helpful to do a bit of exploration: what are they always doing, feeling, or expressing, according to you?—and is it possible that any of that stuff is actually yours?”

Curiously, however wondrously beautiful this is or not, Dore writes that projection is two things, that it’s both “laying a fantasy over someone and exporting them to live up to that fantasy, and it’s ‘giving’ emotional experiences to others that we need, for whatever reason, to disassociate ourselves from…”

Dore offers some clues as to how to acknowledge when projection is occurring, however unconsciously… that “the intensity level of the emotions evoked seems disproportionate to the perceived offense; you feel hopelessly hooked into an intimate relationship with someone and seem unable to free yourself; you are inexplicably drawn to someone who is completely incompatible with your life goals; you are (seemingly) irrationally irked or disgusted by someone; you have a ‘type’, such as the emotionally or physically unavailable, depressed, or rageful…”

Finally, to conclude, Dore reminds us that “perhaps that’s why the intensity we feel for and toward people seems to magically shift and fade as we ask about and attend to our own wounds…”

Because many of these personal projections—which is classic Cancer crisis 101—are actually simply personal fears within ourselves we have yet to fully embrace and/or understand how to effectively and maturely respond to, control, and/or process… and so, yet again, a mature curiosity is necessary.

As well as the release of any fear we cling to, shame we embrace, and/or all the needing to obtain the unobtainable…

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