Virgo Gibbous Moon—April 2

Now that Saturn is moving in Pisces the moon makes its monthly opposition through Virgo…

These monthly lunarly shifts—in relation to Saturn, Pluto, and now Mars—will be noticeably experienced through conjunctions, squares and oppositions most obviously, and, in time, you’ll begin to observe the new points of ease through the trines… though these changes and shifts within your nativity are something to take note of, to take seriously, and learn to navigate earlier on than later.

But for now, today the moon opposes Saturn through a degree that describes security.

In fact, this degree’s title is ‘two angels brings protection…’

If you haven’t read the latest Decan Delineation for the second decan of Aries, you can read it here.

I find that the cosmos, and heavens above, are trying to nudge us just a bit…

Today may even have you squeezing your eyes a bit in an effort to become invisible, in feeling most intensely your heartbeat flutter or spasm, as your breath naturally stops to survive the moment, to brace yourself for what could occur, as one would when falling, before hitting the ground, or when in traffic that becomes a bit too real, a bit too fast, a bit too beyond one’s control. Those moments when you acknowledge that you’re still alive and slowly reopen your eyes to validate this presently, and thank your lucky stars, your angels, and your gods.

Even so, without such severe wake-up calls, today may illuminate something you avoided, something you emerged from the other side unscathed—with matters of deserving being beside the point.

Today, overall, will ask you to consider the level of security you possess, and the level of security you require or prefer…

This degree emphasizes that ‘wherever man has reached the limits of his own resources, while yet continuing his efforts, he can expect some practical and tangible response to his prayers…’

Perhaps these new oppositions to Saturn each month, now through Virgo, will offer monthly reminders to that which is invisible and misunderstood, undefinable and magical… and share with us what is possible, if only we learn to look—and trust—even when we do not have the traditional hard copy of a guaranteed insurance policy for it. Our birth right is enough.

Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you… often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.

—Saint Francis de Sales

🖋 by Jamie James
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