Virgo/Libra Gibbous Moon—April 4

Today is very much an in-between type of day…

Yesterday’s energies may still be simmering, the emotional growth offered—whatever growth erupted or emerged still being processed through smoldering lava, sometimes oozing and flickering long after the short-lived initial explosion…

Whether you exploded or were witness to an explosion—you were present for something emerging that needs acknowledgement.

The inner need to continue understanding it all—anything erupting and all that continues to emerge—merges with the need to share with another, be it through reunion, reconnection, or reconciliation… or simply outreaching for new perspectives.

The moon rolls on, then, into Libra, applying a square to Mars exact tomorrow…

This aspect will exact itself tomorrow, before the full moon presents itself, and will motivate your ideals—motivating the actualizing your ideals—as well as any inner blockage, resistance, hesitation, and/or otherwise personal fears in regard to not more actively pursuing your ideals and/or living these in your physical reality.

And so, as I said above, today will be serving something of an in-between feel, of being in between what is no longer useful to you—and that which is yet to be explored, applied, and eventually understood.

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Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

—Abraham Lincoln

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