Libra Full Moon at 16°07′—April 5

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Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “be not simply good; be good for something…”

Today’s energies—all of them, collectively—will introduce this sentiment into your personal reality.

Sometimes, as I translate the daily celestial events, it feels as though my translations become more and more woo-woo, which honestly makes me want to gag—and I do hope that you’re patient with me on this, as I’m sure it all has a larger context on the end…

But at the same time as I want to gag by the thought of such seemingly repeated woo-woo content encapsulating personal purpose, authenticity, truth, and whatever else—perhaps there’s something to considering these very big ideas on the daily, quite consciously… instead of something witnessed only when you scroll through the goop posts on your Instagram.

Maybe there’s something to it. I know I can attest to it at the end of every day… and no, I don’t consider these larger ideas in a woo-woo way!—it’s possible!

Just before today’s full moon exacts itself, the sun connects to Chiron in conjunction through a degree in Aries describing endings and beginnings…

I wrote about this here—and offered it for free to welcome all my new readers, and to entice the rest of you, as my Decan Delineations are typically offered only to paid subscribers.

The ‘doing’ of your will, your soul, and your heart—these days—is most essential, the doing of your own personal ideal within your physical reality.

Libran energies are governed by Venus, and Venusian energies are always in striving to reconnect and reconcile—and much of what today’s full moon event is meant to realign for you within your own current striving—to reconnect and reconcile you with your doing, to realign you with a renewed sense of personal purpose… toward being really good for something—at being really good at simply one thing.

Libran/Venusian motivations are always in support of harmony, and in bringing harmony back into matters—large and small.

With these sentiments in mind and heart, the degree through which today’s full moon occurs is sentimentally nostalgic, perhaps to an extreme degree…

Though, the extreme nostalgia will involve not the reconnection or reconciliation to the past—but the disconnection from the past… particularly pain from the past, should you be resisting learning anything of value from your past. This disconnection with the past, however painful or not, will be necessary in an effort to revive you with a renewed sense of personal purpose, perhaps because your personal perspectives have become a bit… stale.

Aries season is always about living life fully.

This annual Libra full moon is about where within your life you’re not fully living.

There will always be something frustrating—even the tiniest thing—and when living in your light and/or living your ideals, these frustrations can feel much more grounded, and even much more capable of confronting the frustration.

This is a time of objectivity toward your life, ‘and calm understanding of life’s experiences is the true goal, along with rest, relaxation and nourishing the body and spirit… however, there’s a need to be wary of merely looking out at the world from a confined perspective and feeling like you’ve got no choice but to sit, observe and reflect—it is quite possible that there are still a lot of new experiences out there for you…’

You are contemplating next moves.

That which didn’t quite take hold from March—this month of April will serve as much of a transitional period in between March and May, in as many ways as you can consider…

This full moon occurs within the second decan of Libra, a decan associated with the 3 of swords in the tarot—a card that infamously, and rather harshly, represents pain, loss, separations, ugly conclusions, and/or raw or sorrowful emotionality otherwise.

The decan, however, is bound to that which binds…

As in, as astrologer Austin Coppock writes, the “promises and contracts that link people together are created and tested here…”

These promises include those you’ve made to yourself, in regard to this year’s Libra full moon, most essentially… the promises you’ve made—the ones you’ve kept, but perhaps most critically: the promises to yourself you’ve pushed aside, avoided, or denied.

Sure… some promises are obscenely unrealistic, and that’s one thing.

But the promises that were entirely realistic—what of those?

Have you let yourself down?

Are you living the life you always dreamed of?

How healthy are your promises?

Do you actively familiarize yourself with that which is unfamiliar?—or open yourself to that which you willfully close yourself off from?

It’s likely dawning on you, these days, those promises from earlier portions of your life, through other cycles of learning curves and sparkly-eyed hopes and dreams… that your promises and your purpose are up for a critical review—a review that cannot be ignored, avoided, or denied.

Irreversible realizations.

Realizations for the good of your overall.

Realizations that will no doubt be good for something.

Realizations you might even apply within your personal reality.

Too often man handles life as he does the bad weather; he whiles away the time as he waits for it to stop.

—Alfred Polgar

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