Aquarius/Pisces Balsamic Moon—April 15

The moon applies a conjunction to Saturn all day—through the erratic familiarity of Aquarius, then into the more dissolving depths of Pisces—while simultaneously applying a square to Venus, and thereby illuminating the Venus/Saturn square still lingering from yesterday.

Which is to say today’s moon is illuminating the first square between Venus and Saturn, which is to suggest the first conversation point between that which you desire and that which is reasonable—between wants, and actual needs.

Something likely just became a bit more seriously toned for you within your reality in some way…

And there’s absolutely reason to consider it all in a more forward-friendly perspective.

In what way is the more seriously toned matter at hand calling for your attention, your time, your resources, and your commitment?

Today is about considering, and feeling through, that which is in your best interest long range—in your hearts perspective against the backdrop of your broader, wider horizons—and the long range illuminations upon where real worth intersects with the responsibilities of your personal compassions.

This, too, is more seriously toned—however emotionally or irrationally this is being responded or reacted to—and this is only our second moon/Saturn conjunction within Pisces, the last one occurred on March 19th…

We’re only learning the ways in which the weight of our inspirations will begin to demand our most prioritized call to action, and committed conviction.

And, I might add at this point within the Saturn in Pisces transit, you might want to begin considering, as well, how your inspirations might inspire others…

And either solve, resolve, dissolve, or involve the perimeter preciousness within the heartbeat of the clockworks of the All That Is that is reflected within you… resounding abound.

Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.

—Oscar Wilde

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