Pisces/Aries Balsamic Moon—April 17

Today’s energies will shift from prayer and meditative practices and/or realigning with All That Is is whatever way reconnects you to an inner source of everything… to a place of need, or reliance rather, upon those who have already traveled the journeys we’re currently beginning to embark upon.

So many new initiatives to contemplate and step forward toward… so many pivots and transitions and reroutings to explore, and entirely new scripts to learn.

Why reinvent the wheel?!—there’s no time for that.

Consider, too, that the new moon—which is to say this year’s total eclipse—in Aries occurs on Wednesday here in the states, and new initiatives, pivots, transitions and reroutings, and entirely new scripts, are absolutely highly likely, quite probable, and most severely very necessary…

Today’s balsamic Aries moon is a prime time to strategize anything you’re able, even worst case scenarios, as well as for the plans of action either way.

And, again, this is where consultations come in…

Why reinvent the wheel?!

It’s important now, too, to celebrate what you do have—and to celebrate what you have accomplished… and to put effort into expanding your perspectives and awareness and consciousness—and to very consciously know what to seize the moments of potential inevitably coming your way.

Illusions are likely wavering back and forth now, like electricity surging, between beginnings and endings, and beginnings again alike…

No matter where you are within this context of understanding—the essential magic within this moment, for you, from whatever point, is simply asking you to see… and to appreciate.

There is a potentiality here, emerging…

Appreciate this… receive this.

Be open to this.

As you begin looking into and toward the future—count your blessings first, as these may even strategize the remaining (or new) questions you may now have.

Where we are now—at this point in time of respite and retreat before utterly impulsive action—is a point of complete consciousness and appreciation, game plan, and preparedness… find the flex points by Thursday and be able to understand your new directions and/or familiar values to take flight toward your new potentials…

Do, or do not. There is no try.


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