Aries/Taurus Balsamic Moon—May 17

If you haven’t already noticed a building pattern—from last week—with Wednesday being something of a trigger-peak each week—‘cos there’s a hefty building pattern brewing…

I think it’s important for you to understand that this will be something of a weekly cameo through June 10th—so rearranging some of your weekly priorities may be necessary.

You know, things you don’t want—or can’t risk—being ruined by your mood.

This is because every Wednesday the moon will be back to where it was the previous week—give or take several degrees.

Currently the moon is in a pattern where every Wednesday a conjunction to Jupiter is featured, and this particular Wednesday it’s featuring a conjunction to Jupiter as Jupiter ingresses into Taurus while simultaneously squaring Pluto, and Mars, and thereby creating this building, festering t-square alignment within the fixed sectors of our personal realities!!!

In other words—today may feel a bit heavy.

So heavy—you might need to ground yourself. center yourself. Find your path.

It’ll also be important for you to understand which houses this building t-square is falling within your personal nativity so that you can more appropriately navigate its potentials…

Heaviness can be heavy—but heaviness also holds much in terms of growth, most typically, and growth tends to promise rewards.

Though, these rewards will need to be worked for…

And worked through.

Still, inspiration may manage to emerge through much of the heaviness if you’re willing to notice… if not true inspiration—perhaps an opportunity for expression, or to acknowledge the potential for creating something from nothing, or making an adjustment to allow for greater benefit, or to release something too-long held within.

Try, if you can, to center yourself for these weekly Wednesday peaks…

Try to not allow your mood to motivate you, but your inner instincts, and your inner knowing—to center into these more clearly—so that you may center into yourself, as this and only this will allow you to truly gain the growth on offer.

Also, Jupiter has moved into Taurus—here’s an overview.

As others grow more intelligent under stress, I grow heavy, as if I were an animal on a chain.

—Lillian Hellman

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