Taurus New Moon at 28°25’—May 19

This moon is about reconnecting…

This moon is about (re)connecting to Nature.

Obviously, most of us will likely not attempt to recreate our births… so, the second best way to experience this new moon is to see and experience everything—everything!—as a part of yourself, without any divides or dualities.

Or to walk through a forest, or through Nature anywhere.

John Muir once said, “the clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness…”

The degree through which this new moon occurs describes brainstorming, in that ‘two heads are better than one…’ in that ‘a place where people come together to discuss matters, share their views and weigh the pros and cons of things… in an attempt to strengthen the frame of reference in which learning can take place.’

Dialog and cooperative problem solving are essential now.

Either with Nature itself, the cosmos, or with another.

Maybe with yourself.

There’s a decision to be made now… have you honestly listened, or really taken in, all there is?—to be heard, acknowledged, understood, and embraced?

The word ‘cooperate’ literally defines the idea of ‘working together… to work with’, and so this new moon is largely about working with something beyond ourselves…

Again, whether this cooperation is occurring between you and the cosmos, with Nature, with another, or with yourself—it is very much needing to cooperate with a larger energy within it all… within something of a quiet, natural persistence.

This new moon occurs within the third decan of Taurus and is associated to the 7 of pentacles within the tarot…

As I’ve already written about this decan of Taurus here—there’s no need to rewrite it…

Ultimately, this decan is about patience, and humility, and waiting, and patience, and tedious preparations, and trust, and then even more patience yet…

Already, we’re heavily picking up signs and checks, both irrational and reality-smacking, guiding us closer to where we’re supposed to be… though, for many of us, it was not the chosen or pre-planned route preferred.

Now that Jupiter is moving within Taurus—regardless of how big whatever it is we’re attempting to take on may be—there’s no rushing Taurean energies, not even by Jupiter, though this makes it that much more frustrating…

Also, simply understanding that Saturn is ruler of this decan, it should be immediately obvious that this new moon could be rough, as well as it is occurring within the thick of a planetary buildup to peak on May 20th.

It may not be so much about new misfortunes occurring—but rather old baggage, both emotional and material, financial or familial, real or imagined, surfacing in ways that can no longer be ignored, avoided, denied or repressed…

Which need to be cooperated with—and problem-solved through direct dialog.

Or—you’re putting very weighted efforts in action to detour such hardships altogether.

Otherwise… it’s a time for waiting, either way.

Ultimately, for those of you working toward something—anything at all—and are experiencing a delay, downfall, or disappointment otherwise: keep going, you’ve got this—but do acknowledge what these obstacles may be trying to tell you.

The best moments in our lives are not the passive receptive, relaxing times… the best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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