Gemini Crescent Moon—May 20

By now you’re quite aware that there are some heavier endings and larger beginnings occurring within your personal reality these days, if not within the context of your larger environment…

And by now you’re beginning to realize that these endings involve, in however subtle a way, a sentimental—if not directly outright—association to your overall identity…

At least, up to this point in time.

This ending, then, is humorously similar to Jim Morrison, shedding his faded and worn out leathery snakeskin pants within the dressing room and emerging anew, with new leathery lizard skin pants, leaving the old and faded pair on the floor, crumpled and forsaken, abandoned, for fans to pilfer for keepsake.

To just walk away from that which is naturally expiring within your personal reality…

Or, at least, in theory—it should be that easy.

Essentially, it’s what this is…

But it’s not, is it. It’s not at all.

And this beginning, this potentially larger than life beginning before you… it’s asking much, much more of you than you’ve ever likely been asked before now.

And it’s likely something within yourself that’s simply scared as all hell…

To reference, once more, Jim Morrison and the ever relevant lessons of life we are currently navigating, happenstance through the lens of his ventures… when The Doors first started singing their songs live, in front of other people, Morrison had such horrific stage fright—to think, the Lizard King with stage fright?!—that he would sing with his back to the audience.

To imagine…

It was just too much.

It was all happening so fast!

It was once just a thought, and then bam!—it was real.

Today, all you can really manage to try to do is keep your mind and heart from straying into nonproductively destructive places, quite unnecessarily, toward these simultaneous outcomes and opportunities occurring within real time.

You are simply navigating new and unfamiliar processes of growth—that’s it—through both the endings and beginnings.

Don’t lose touch of who you are—though, more importantly, of who you are becoming—especially as you navigate in between these very distinct realms of endings and beginnings.

Who are you becoming?

Who were you—just a month ago?

Who are you Now—at this very point in time?

Where do all of these overlap?

How do these versions of yourself overlap, if at all?

It’s just growth. Maybe it’s personal growth you never thought you’d need to wonder about, or know how to go forward through…

Or maybe it’s the kind of growth you’ve always silently, privately known you need, but didn’t ever want to rock the metaphorical boat.

Either way, however fast it’s all happening, it’s here now and it’s real, and although it may very well be too much—you are in control of it whether you agree with this or not.

Today’s crescent phased Gemini moon, however curious and open to growth it may want to be, squares Saturn, and so there will likely be some harshnesses made aware, or inner blockages to recognize, or simply to assume that the inner, open spirit of such an influence might otherwise take a heavy hit in some way… but it’s a learning process, isn’t it?

Obviously, Morrison quickly got over his egoic bout with stage fright…

But he was always quite fastidiously adroit about his surrendering to self-renewal—his ‘phases’, as far as his obsessed fans could presume—his selfless surrendering to a necessary openness of seemingly endless processes of self-regeneration, to revitalize this spirit within himself, to evolve…

He was known for that.

Much as the lizard sheds its skin.

Growth sustains us, even when we’re scared as hell of it at first. We figure it out. We go through the motions. We turn, once we’re comfortable, to face the audience.

And we learn to leave the old skins in the dressing room… they no longer fit us anyway—we’ve outgrown them in one way or another.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.

—Jim Morrison

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