Gemini/Cancer Crescent Moon—May 22

Starting over…

This is the emphasis of today’s energies—starting over—as in the end of a cycle.

There is a need to begin anew, to begin again, to start over.

Releasing all ‘unbearable responsibilities and pressures that can no longer be endured or tolerated…’ whether you’re at a high point or a low point, it’s essential, now, to look realistically at what you might need to drop so that you might be more capable of a more natural resourcefulness.

You are at a turning point, essentially, whether you’re open or up to that or not—it is what it is.

This is a time to realize ‘when it’s time to quit and start over, [to] learn from your mistakes and move forward…’

And then the moon moves into Cancer…


But it’s an ideal time to look at what’s not fitting—at what doesn’t naturally belong, or feel right—and then, of course, to sentimentalize it, memorialize it, and emotionally attach to it in such a way as to melt into it…

Or, you could look at what’s not fitting, at what doesn’t naturally belong or feel right—and then rise above the typical tendencies to sentimentalize and enclose whatever it is safely within a very private place within your heart, and move on.



However awkwardly.

Continue to remember—because Cancerian moons are most natural at remembering—that these endings are opening you to such courageous, and empowering beginnings!!!—beginnings that not many are able to actually actualize…

It’ll be awhile before it all feels right.

You are not beginning again like a baby—knowing nothing—you are opening to the possibility that there is more to explore, take in, discover, learn, embrace.

—Shellen Lublin

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