Cancer Crescent Moon—May 22

The principal function of the small intestine is to break down food, absorb nutrients needed for the body, and get rid of the unnecessary components.

There are three sections of intestine—the first is the duodenum, and the third is the ileum—and the most important of the three, the middle of which, the jejunum, is where the word ‘jejune’ is inspired…

The Latin origins of this word, jējūnus, is to define an emptiness.

Historically it was always thought that the small intestine—most specifically the jejunum—was emptied after, or upon, death… and thereby, to be jejune is to be ‘lacking nourishment; insubstantial or barren; empty’.

It is important, here, to understand what the small intestine is responsible for—specifically the role of the jejunum—as this is the section, of all three, that ends up absorbing nutrients, which is to include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as water from food so they can be used by the body… to be rendered vital, and thereby revitalize the body and all its inner operational functions.

Essentially, today, you’re likely requiring more nutrients—however metaphorical.

There is a need to consciously—and maybe even quite unconsciously, as the jejunum is likely operating in a very unconscious manner within your small intestine—to consciously release anything jejune, anything lacking vitality, anything empty or insubstantial, anything superficial.

Anything that doesn’t directly interest your spirit…

Anything that doesn’t properly and appropriately, and most authentically fit within your overall mantra, agenda, or spiritual connectedness.

Further, within this necessary and nourishing release—an intuitive awareness of what needs to be done in order to maintain this proper balance or energetic restoration will be more wholly understood, even within your very being…

As long as you’re not considering releasing anything that would compromise your integrity and/or personal values… I think today may be one of the lightest, and most magical, Cancer moon days—despite whatever your current circumstances may be.

Call it a reviewed revitalization of intestinal fortitude. Indeed.

Self-care is neither frivolous nor indulgent. It is not narcissistic or greedy. It is, however, smart and sound. If, for whatever reason, you do not nurture your Self, you risk becoming worn and wearied, hollow in the shell, unable to maintain any energy in the moment, much less move forward with vigor. Self-nourishment equals self-love.

—Becky Vollmer

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