Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon—May 24

At the risk of sounding ignorant or ridiculous—I would like to suggest that beginning today through Friday it might do you well to not take yourself so seriously…

Regardless of personal circumstances.


I know.

Today may indeed be one of those heavier days—as the moon moves to illuminate Mars in conjunction (and in combination with the now-peaking t-square), lending your needs to feel that much more enhanced, aggressive and/or conflicted, whether you’re being given a metaphorical ‘green light’ or not—whether you’re the one confronting or the one being confronted…

It might be a heavier day.

Maybe watch some standup?

My favorites, in no order whatsoever, are Mike Birbiglia, Tom Papa, Anthony Jesselnik, John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, Iliza Schlesinger, Dana Carvery and Christina P… check these out or find your own and enjoy yourself, thoroughly.

Today might be quite frustrating and tense—and the explosive release of this frustration that will feel so very very necessary would be that much more therapeutic through laughter.

Standup comedy has a way of pinpointing some of those squishy spots about ourselves, those spots within our fears or through our own ignorant inner self-consciousness that we don’t typically talk about, or much less speak the words out loud… comedians have a way of poking holes in these spots—but they know how to poke them in a way that provokes humor rather than shame or embarrassment… or anger.

If you’re able to become angry with a comedian and a bit—about anything—there’s probably more going on there within yourself, bordering on neurosis.

Because at the end of day—life itself is neurotic.

We’re all ridiculous.

Everything is ridiculous.

All of it is ridiculous.

It was Robert Frost who wrote that “if we couldn’t laugh we’d all go insane…”

And it’s imperative that we recognize this, acknowledge it, and genuinely laugh at it in a communal manner before we get back out there to partake in even more of all the neurotic ridiculousness.

Regardless of your circumstances—the way in which you’re navigating these circumstances (or refusing to do so) is directly determining, for you, how difficult or smooth the ridiculousness will be. That and that alone. It doesn’t matter at all what the circumstance being highlighted is—your result exists most directly through your reaction.

Laughter is one of those physical reactions of release that could be most naturally associated to an apoplectic response—you know, when you’re laughing almost convulsively that you no longer even feel in control of it, your body has taken over in a way that weirdly allows you to pause and simply witness it, to witness your own being wholly enjoying itself in the moment.

True laughter is authentic, and it is therapeutic. It is a way of healing—particularly in the face of potentially devastating details, or outraging opinions, or naughty notions…

Laughter is a release that clears the mind and calms the heart.

Scientists even argue that it alleviates physical pain, and even mental depression and/or fatigue.

Either way, scientifically proven or not, laughter is our most essential tool in achieving a momentary sanity—and to feel connected to another in a way that is most sacred, especially when we’re capable of laughing at ourselves.

I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.❞

—Herman Melville

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