Leo Crescent Moon—May 25

Some days offer embedded magical potentials… most do not.

Embedded, which is to say: by plan, within the ephemeral clockworks…

Otherwise, we must be flexible.

Truthfully, however discouraging or disappointing it may be, there are only a handful of truly auspicious days in each year by way of planetary aspects and alignments—it’s really no wonder when things unravel or fade, end abruptly or fail to endure.

And not just the moon—the sun has a cycle, Mercury has a cycle, as well as Venus, and Mars… and these cycles embed themselves within our nativities—plots within our journey. As the Bible states: there is a season for everything… your birth chart shows you the way.

To think of the upstarts, changing careers, planned pregnancies, and the moving dates, planned vacations, and all the ‘will you marry me’s?!’ and actual wedding vows!—the kinds of events you want to experience in a way you’ve imagined or anticipated…

Organizing these dates without an astrologer’s input—of course these dates will occurs as they do, regardless… but will you experience them in the way you imagined?

Always, these things are within our control. Mostly.

And it’s not just the date but the overall timing, to figure in progressions too, to foresee what to expect from that day on…

Oh, it’s all exhausting, really—but I love it, it’s my joy.

When you’re ready to live your best life—you bother with it.

Anyhoo, today may still be reverberating yesterday’s energies and now, potential resentments and/or feelings of estrangement or displacement… still something of a heavier day.

There’s a possibility for real connectedness today, though, this is to suggest quite delicately that actual magic may be at play today—but you’ll really need to be open to it, as it may not be or feel that way you think it ought to…

Sometimes magic works that way—expectedly, neutrally.

Sometimes things surprise you, for better or worse.

Sometimes it’s all within your will, and today, something may have you stirring…

When you learn how to properly and appropriately work your will within your own life—working the will of that which exists beyond yourself becomes much more accessible… and today may offer you a glimpse of what that might feel like.

So isn’t it so much more enjoyable when all of it occurs within the realms of your imaginings or anticipations?!

A determined will, grounded on a clear order of rank of values, coupled with organic strength of outlook, will also one day—despite all hindrances—enforce its realization in all domains.

—Alfred Rosenburg

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